Friday, February 01, 2008

They Must Be Giants Part II

If you read last week's column... (and if you didn't, why not?) you are aware of a January 2007 column speculating if 2007 would be The Year of The Giant. Well, today we continue that theme, picking up where we left off last week.


Well folks.... it comes down to this. I have cleared out my schedule, cancelled any Super Bowl parties that are not in my sound proof living room and I am now mentally prepared for The Super Bowl. I might even wear a kittel to achieve total spirituality! This Sunday night... it's gonna be all Giants in my house!! The old Dolphins are holding their breath as the surprising Giants will try to keep The New England Patriots from undefeated immortality. This year I am having a few Serious Giants Fans over... and Pumpstradamus too as we get ready for what should be a fun evening. One of my buddies, a rather mild mannered fellow actually invited Trophy Wife and myself to his Super Bowl party, but I politely declined because a Giant Super Bowl is meant to be watched uninterrupted in a silent sound proof room!! Incidentally, he is quite mellow, but a more rabid Giant fan than myself and I sat in fear at my old apartment during the 2001 Super Bowl debacle because I was nervous that his David Banner/Incredible Hulk transformation during that horrific game was going to result in a hole being punched in a wall.

It didn't. The walls survived!

Anyway, this is it.. I am excited for my Boys... and I hope to be here next week kvelling about The Giants and trash talking my pal Barry who just goes on and on with his endless Patriot/Red Sox/Celtic trash talking! I even have banned any reference to that other quarterback.... the show with the blended family with six kids has now been renamed the Manning Bunch... and the gun safetly laws named for Ronald Reagan's press secretary shot by John Hinckley has been renamed The Manning Bill! Until Monday at least...

Both myself and Pumpstradamus are predicting... A Giant victory!! Actually Pumpy originally was going to stick to his original pick of ... The Colts.. and yes folks he has no clue that the Colts QB and Giants QB are brothers!! I asked him again... and sayeth The Pump:

I'm taking the Giants, because Giuliani (whose name also begins with "Gi") dropped out of the race this week to back McCain, who's from Arizona (and of course, the game will be played in Arizona) . Go Giants, and go McCain!

If they win.. Tuesday will be The Ticker Tape Parade... which coincides with... Super Tuesday.. Speaking of which....


Well so much for the collosal crash of Rudy Giuliani. You gotta love a Republican who thinks he is going to reinvent the wheel and ends up falling flat on his ass!! The ol' "Lets just put our eggs in Florda's basket ended up with eggs not in the basket but on Rudy's face! I didnt think Rudy would get too far anyway because his pro choice leanings dont jive with the wacko right wingers who run The Republican Party... but to go from front runner to also ran so quickly is just purely embarassing for Camp Rudy.

Personally, I dont have an issue with Rudy, but I am really bummed about John Edwards. I was all set to vote for him in Tuesdays primary...and now I am left dejected and broken hearted. I thought for sure that Edwards had the hair that was necessary to become The President! What happened?? I like Obama but he doesnt quite have the experience...its like starting Johan Santana on Opening Day at Shea after one year in the minors... but he'll be great in a few years... and I just dont like Hillary. Maybe Bill will help her behind the scenes when things get tough? I dunno... but somebody has to go up there against McCain in November... unless God Forbid, Mitt Romney wins the nomination. I'd rather see Huckabee instead of Mitt... at least he has a human side,... heck he lost 100 pounds... He can have his inauguration coincide with the Season Premiere of The Biggest Loser... or as I like to call it in the era of the popular Deal or No Deal....... Tummy or No Tummy. Speaking of which....


Will we ever have tv again?? The TV Writers strike goes on and on and on... and networks are hammering us with Reality TV. I have always said that a competition reality show is basically... a game show.. but the networks come up with bells and whistles to make the shows more "entertaining". I was watching The Moment of Truth on Wed night and the show is really "Lets embarass regular people and pay them a lot of money". Contestants are given a pregame offstage lie detector set and then have to squirmily sit on a set and truthfully answer humiliating questions. This is the kind of crap we will have to put up with until the Writers Strike ends.

Despite the strike... one show came back last night....Lost... returning for a very brief season, one of a few shows that still has fresh episodes left. The season premiere was just ok... it looked more like a Survivor episode as our heroes formed alliances picking between John and Jack. Hurley appears to be a nutjob post rescue ...He ends up in a loony bin and runs into a guy who I momentarily thought was The Haitian from "Heroes". But why is everyone believing Charlie's "message" from Penny?? Does anyone really know Penny?? Other than the fact that she is incredibly hot.. keep in mind that thinking the rescuers are bad guys based on one woman doesnt seem enough to convince me. Besides, the actress who plays Penny played that incredibly annoying woman on HBOs Tell Me You Love Me... Incidentally, everyone is wondering the identities of the other 3 "Oceanic Six"... shouldn't it be only one other survivor since Walt and his dad left the island at the end of Season 2??

Then on Thursday we got big news for game show fans... it looks like plans are underway yet again to attempt to revive Match Game. I dont get too riled up about that since they keep trying to bring it back in some way, and the projects never seem to get off the ground. Fox looked like it had some potential by shooting a pilot with Fred WIllard called "What the Blank?"...but that show never developed and frankly it would be impossible to even try to recreate the old magic used on the original 70s version. You could take a panel from the Comedy Central roasts and try to cobble out a panel from that crew... By the way why was ESPN's Dana Jacobson suspended for making a drunken wisecrack during an ESPN roast? Are roasts now politically correct? What the heck is that all about?? Did anyone see The William Shatner roast on Comedy Central?? DId you hear the comments made about Betty White?? One of the tamer comments came from Lisa Lampanella who said Betty White is so old that the first game show she went on the grand prize was... fire! Now Jesus jokes are forbidden, but Betty White jokes are ok??

One poster on a game show bulletin board has an idea to bring back Brett and Charles... not the originals.. but Ms, Butler and Mr, Barkley in the Brett and Chuck seats. That could work, but as I have said before here on NWOW, the only way that show would work again is if you get a host who will lay his ego aside like Gene Rayburn did so masterfully so the panelists get the chance to get all the yuks. Then.... maybe you have a chance.


This is from The Australian Match Game... called Blankety Blanks. In this version which aired in 1978... you will see that they have their own goofy shtick, none of which makes much sense.. but the guy Dave in the Charles Nelson Reilly seat is quite funny in the episodes that I have seen as you will see in the very last shot. And check out the set!

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alberich said...

And now for a comment from out in left field ...

somebody has to go up there against McCain in November... unless God Forbid, Mitt Romney wins the nomination. I'd rather see Huckabee instead of Mitt... at least he has a human side

I remember back when some people were lauding Bush because he had a human side and (if he weren't on sobriety) you'd wanna have a beer with him. Of course, it turned out he didn't have much of a human side, whilst it seems Huckabee's human side is for real, but still ... is that a way to choose someone who is essentially the CEO of the American Government.

OTOH, Romney is, if nothing else, a competent manager. And even if he flip-flops more than a click beetle in a laudromat, at least ya know he's not a complete nutter. Also, I think he'll be easier to beat than McCain.

McCain is actually a PNACer-type conservative. If ya like that sort of thing, than McCain is for you, I guess. But from my moonbat perspective, McCain not only will be more difficult to beat (because "even the liberal media" loves him ... so everyone thinks he's some kind of patron saint of bipartisan moderation and will vote for him due to his "independence" and "centrism") but he is, from the moonbat point of view, more of a reactionary than Mitt Romney who'll at least tack toward the center if the wind blows that way.

The media's love of McCain will be a huge issue, especially if HRC wins the Dem nomination, because the media hates her (so people will think "if even the liberal media hates HRC, we can't like her") -- I forget the situation exactly but an HRC campaign bigwig and an Obama campaign bigwig both showed up at some Edwards event when the end was near for Edwards (to get some of his supporters). NPR reported that HRC's person "snuck in" while mentioning, off hand, that Obama's person was there as well.

If HRC's campaign gets this kind of language now, imagine the way the media will report on it in the general.

I gotta agree with you about Edwards, though -- he did have presidential hair. If I were you, I'd vote for Edwards anyway. Maybe if enough people vote for a candidate who has dropped out, it'll teach everyone involved that every primary voter in every state should count rather than having this verkockte system in which only a few states get to decide the two choices we have come Nov. for the Pres. race?


In other news, it was great to see you and "trophy wife". I have to thank you for your role in bringing my lovely wife and I together -- didn't you not only introduce Elly Sue to her hubby but also didn't you drive my lovely wife either to or from the train station on that auspicious night when we met?