Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Change Will Do You Good

With all this talk by Almost President Obama about change.. I thought it might be time to make a very minor change to the blog… Keep in mind we changed the name and background in January 2006 (From the simply titled Nate’s blog using the same background DAS uses, and adding The Clip of the Week in January of 2007) So, just as an experiment, for now, I am going to move my postings from Thursdays or Fridays to Sunday Mornings.. (actually late Sat, nite).. That way the NWOW readers… (which now trail my mortgage podcast listeners by an ever growing majority!) can read it like the Sunday paper… at their leisure on a Sunday or later in the week.

Obama might be pushing for “change” but aren’t we a society of people who are creatures of habit? Personally, I do the same routine every day …for the first two years at my current job, I always popped in to the ground level deli to pick up my morning caffeine hit – a well priced 1 dollar bottle of Diet Coke. The owner of that deli knew the name of every single person who worked in that building, and had thought about retiring down the road and using the sale of the deli as a retirement nest egg.

Unfortunately, he never had the chance. In late spring/early summer a catering company started renting office space in the building. The caterer owner, a guy with a very poor toupee made a deal with the building owner to take over the deli on a very lengthy lease essentially booting out the deli owner. The landlord and the toupee guy basically told the deli owner that his lease would not be renewed and he would be out the door after Labor Day.

After that, the sodas went up to 1.50 and I started buying the Diet Coke 6-packs at the grocery store instead. The new owners redid the floors and counters – eerily matching the pattern in our house by the way…. But then, less than six months later while returning to work after the 3 day weekend last Tuesday, would you believe it… the deli was gone!! Nothing! Nada! Closed! Empty! Nobody home! I went upstairs to where the catering company had their “headquarters” and they were gone too! Apparently Toupee Guy came in on Saturday and cleaned all his stuff and moved out in the dead of night – just like The Baltimore Colts!

So as part of moving to a new day, I’m starting to write on Thursday night instead of the usual Tuesday or Wednesday. I gotta write on my laptop because my new Logitech Optical Mouse spazzed out on me and my desktop is not functioning. So as I sit in the living room watching Don Rickles on Craig Ferguson, its time to hammer out a Sunday column! By the way, this is the first time I have ever seen Ferguson and he ain’t bad; He just did a very amusing bit portraying Prince Charles that was actually funny.

And today’s topic – I think it is time for the Birthright Israel Program to make a change:

Friends of mine who have toddlers do a lot of changing... changing diapers! Then when it's time to potty train the little pishers, they buy them Trainer Pants. Apparently Trainers are ready for an accident because they can hold a lot of crap. How ironic after reading Peter Trainor’s ridiculous editorial in The Jewish State because like his namesake… all his writings contain is…. Crap.. and lots of it!

The paper apparently felt it was important to re-print an excerpt that Trainor wrote about Birthright Israel in a magazine nobody ever heard of called “This” magazine. To counter the Trainor ramblings, the paper published an excellent counterpoint article by Liran Kapoano; but in reality they should have just printed Kapoano’s article and replaced Trainor’s article with ads or community announcements or singles ads… anything else would have contained more quality.

Birthright Israel is a fantastic program. Some big machers donated a ton of money to establish this program so Jewish college age kids can take a trip to The Holy Land and it is absolutely free! Kapoano wrote a terrific piece describing his experiences that originally appeared on his well written blog, and it was reprinted in the paper.

Well I think its time for Birthright Israel to be a bit more stringent on who is allowed the privilege to participate on the trip. When you look at the content of Trainor’s character, you realize that the money should have gone to a more deserving college kid. I googled Peter Trainor to see what would come up and one of the first things to appear is Kapoano’s blog. Kapoano seems like a nice guy… he likes to write about Zionism, Poker, and The Yankees. Well except for The Yankees… Incidentally lets send out some get well wishes To Bob Shepherd… Even a Met fan wishes only the best for the 90 something “Voice of God”.

Anyway Kapoano lives near my office… I would invite him to join me for a soda.. but the deli is closed. He wrote about Trainor’s piece which first appeared in THIS magazine with a snappy headline called “THIS sucks”. Kapoano has some good stuff here… including the fact that Trainor’s momma is just as whacked out as Sonny Boy. Momma Vera Szoke is the daughter of Holocaust survivors… yet she feels an urge to sympathize with terrorists who want to eliminate Jews just like Hitler did. Who knows what went on in that dysfunctional home? My homeboy Kapoano points out that Mama Szoke boasted to The Canadian Islamic Congress website that her son had visited “Palestine” several times.

Obviously the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. The first two paragraphs of Trainor-crap are innocent enough but then you get to the 2nd sentence of the 3rd paragraph where he calls himself “A Long time supporter of the Palestinian non violent resistant movement against the Israeli military occupation”.

The Crap Meter was now running – Trainor was now officially out of the closet as a Self Hating Jew… something I sarcastically point out his Holocaust grandparents must be quite proud of. I am sure Petey is well aware that if they are still living, he has brought his grandparents much shame. If they are dead, they are rolling in their graves as their time they spent tortured in a concentration camp was all for naught since the cause they so valiantly fought for is now being totally minimized by their offspring, because people like Peter Trainor who just roll over to Worldwide Jew Hatred will accelerate a future that Hitler envisioned with saliva drooling out of his mouth.

First of all Mrs. Szoke should have made sure little Petey was paying attention in school, but I get the impression he was the senior the freshmen used to pick on, so he was probably too busy being bullied to pay attention to his teachers. History teaches us that Palestine was under British Rule and at the conclusion of World War II, the state of Israel was created as a haven for all of the Holocaust Survivors who were now homeless. The Israeli government took over in 1948.. we’re almost ready to celebrate 60 years! - and almost instantly, the Arab neighbors hatched a dastardly plot to launch a military attack. They got the word out to the Arabs living there to bolt outta town before the bloodbath started, because once Israel was overthrown, they could go back home.

Well of course Israel stood her ground and now these Palestinians… people who had plotted against their government.. a term one would refer to as treasonists or terrorists wanted to come back home again! Of course, they wanted to live under the Israeli government… short of moving to America, there was no better place for them to live. The Arab countries didn’t want them!

Petey actually gives a pretty good description how the tour included a re-enactment of the formation of The State of Israel featuring Prime Minister Ben Gurion’s reading of the Declaration of Statehood. But the crap starts flowing right after that… he questions an assertion by the tour guide that the army is run by a “moral” agenda.. Petey also refers to the “expulsion” of Palestinians.. although they left willingly mistakenly thinking that The Arab army would defeat the new Israeli army.

He also talks proudly of volunteering for some silly organization that escorts Palestinians past check points ostensibly past the security that does such a heroic job every day by catching homicide bombers before they can strike. He also says that when the trip was over, he felt more detached from Israel than when the trip started. He admitted that he asked questions during the trip…. He probably felt detached because he was socially rejected by the other participants who realized that Peter Trainor is just an annoying pathetic loser.

And finally, Petey must have obtained a list of all the participants… I’m sure he was not the guy that everybody really wanted to stay in touch with after the trip ended! After the trip he annoyed them even further by sending out mass emails spewing his Self hating Jew mashugas. The tour guide responded and summed it up very well in this paragraph….

“Just want to say that I admire Peter’s dedication to this cause even though it is the cause of a people who want to blow up my children. Peter’s misguided dedication proves how people, even intelligent people can be led astray by masking themselves in the banner of righteousness. This is what Hitler did and this is what Arafat did. You have chosen sides,…. The side of my people’s enemy”

And with that, he requested to be removed from Petey’s email list.

Special thanks to Liran Kapoano for outing Trainor…and sadly there are a lot of self hating Jews like Peter Trainor amongst us. Most of them don’t have the audacity to steal money from a wonderful organization like Birthright Israel. What a waste of money that a great organization allowed this garbage to participate on this wonderful program!

Word out to The Birthright People… Screen Your Participants!!!!


ACTOR – Johnny Depp
ACTRESSS – Julie Christie – (I’m still laughing about that Christy Minstrels line in Nashville from the Feb. 28, 07 column!)
SUP. ACTOR - Javier Bardem
SUP. ACTRESS – Tilda Swinton
DIRECTOR – Coen Brothers
BEST MOVIE – No Country for Old Men


Last week's planned Grammy clips were all taken off by CBS! So this week.. here is A Change Will Do You Good... from Letterman!


Nate said...

Hey we went 4-2 with out Oscar picks... blowing it big time with the Best Actor and Best Actress. If I woulda seen that clip that woman won for playing Edith Piaf, I would have picked her too. Who the heck ever heard of that movie??

And my Oscar pool?? I got 8 of the first 10 right, and 3 out of the last four.. In between that I got 10 straight picks wrong... finishing at 11-13.

Nate said...

Hey folks.. the following comment was posted under a different column. I'm posting it here too.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nate
It seems to me that you should limit your comments to things that you know about - such as the New York Mets and Jay Leno. Why would you state something like "I am sure Petey is well aware that if they are still living, he has brought his grandparents much shame. If they are dead, they are rolling in their graves as their time they spent tortured in a concentration camp was all for naught since the cause they so valiantly fought for is now being totally minimized by their offspring" Why do you not investigate a situation before making such rude and ignorant remarks? I spoke to Peter's grandmother this week. Rest assured Peter's grandmother loves and respects him tremendously. And it is her that taught her daughter "NEVER AGAIN TO ANYONE" - who then taught this to her son. Peter's grandmother would be deeply hurt and offended if she were to read your comments. You should stick with football - something you MAY actually know something about!
John Mitchell, Markham Ontario

Nate said...

I actually am not a fan of Leno by the way, and you are entitled to your opinion as much as I am entitled to mine.

Many many people died in concentration camps... not only Jews? For a Holocaust survivor to see her daughter and grandson enthusiastically joining forces with Arafat followers who want to copy Hitler is an absolute embarrasment.

Nobody debates whether she loves her biological relatives... but I stand by my original comments that this brings shame to her. I would be more than happy to personally present the grandma with a copy of the column with the same enthusiasm that Petey and his mom stab every Holocaust victim in the back, when they lovingly embrace the very people who would love nothing more than to duplicate The Holocaust.

Its one thing to be sympathetic to an oppressed people; its another one to steal money from a non profit group and spread lies about what really goes on there. Painting a picture that the Israeli government is 100% guilty and the Palestinians are 100% innocent as Petey did... is absolutely absurd.

Maybe next time you speak to Granny, see if she can reimburse that program for the money her grandson stole.

Anonymous said...

Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again - taking you feeds also, Thanks.