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Roger Over? Part II - We Have Clearance Clarence

Last week we kicked off our new Sunday posting schedule mentioning Barack Obama's theme of "change" among a country of people who are creatures of habit. Hillary Clinton continues to cling to her dream, hoping people will think that her administration will be similar to Bill's... and Bill Clinton was the best President this country has had as far as I can remember (going back to Nixon). Hillary by the way was quite funny on SNL last night although her appearance was upstaged by the skit involving the MSNBC debate where Obama got all the easy questions, but Clinton was peppered with questions so tough that at one point the Law and Order music came on and out walked Vincent D'onofrio who started grilling her as his detective alter ego. Quite funny.

But what is Bill Clinton's legacy? He came thisclose to sealing his place in history by securing a Peace Agreement that created a terrific plan that enabled Palestinians and Israelis to live side by side and conduct business with each other. Palestinians even built a casino that became quite popular with the Israelis. But Arafat sold his people down the river when he walked out on a phenomenal deal, and had to be chased down a driveway by a high heeled Madeline Albright. Unfortunately, even if there had been an agreement, Clinton's legacy will still go down as being an impeached President - impeached for the same thing that is destroying Roger Clemens - alleged lies during a witch hunt.

Last week we wrote about Peter Trainor who wrote an absolutely absurd editorial about his visit to Israel. The self hating Jew harshly criticized all things related to Israel and spoke lovingly of the "Palestinian non violent resistant movement against the Israeli military occupation”. Trainor's comments were reprinted 2 wks ago in The Jewish State. And the most recent paper surprisingly published only 1 Letter to the Editor on this topic where the writer complained that the paper dedicated more news space to Trainor's garbage than to the terrific counterpoint written by Liran Kapoano who writes a blog at

I correctly pointed out in that column that Trainor's grandmother, a Holocaust survivor is ashamed of him. If you read the comments in last week's column, you will note that a fella named John Mitchell from Markham Ontario posted a comment saying that he knew the grandmother and she "loves and respects" her grandson. Well I am sure she does, but if Mitchell asked directly if she was ashamed of him.... I am sure we all know the answer to that question, and frankly it is rather insulting that Mitchell would think that the grandmother is not disgusted.

If you look back to post World War II, all of these Holocaust survivors such as Trainor's grandmother needed a place to live. After the camps were liberated, these people were homeless and had no place to go. Britain which was ruling Palestine at the time, opened its door to the Holocaust survivors, and arranged for a smooth transition to the new Israeli government so the new immigrants and the Palestinians would peacfully live side by side. But the opportunistic Arab neighbors got a little greedy, warned the Palestinians to get out in advance of another Holocaust and launched an attack that the new military succesfully fought off. But Trainor is an idiot to say that survivors like his grandmother were "occupying" that land - his is the same attitude Nazis had towards Jews who were occupying their homes and both the '48 Palestinians and Nazis had the same result in mind.

Mitchell who is from Canada sarcastically encouraged me to write more about football - isn't the Canadian Football League about ready to start a new season? The Argonauts look pretty good this year, don't you think?

I wonder if Trainor noticed the article in Saturday 's paper that the Palestinians powers that be were encouraging the US State Department to allow them to weasel out of a 174 million dollar judgement they owe the relatives of the victims of a terrorist attack... the same ones launched by those of his friends with the "non violent resistance movement". The Palestinians say that being forced to pay the judgement would deplete their finances and jeopardize Mideast peace talks. Keep in mind that a lot of the Palestinian money comes from US Foreign Aid!

Trainor takes great pride in volunteering for a group that escorts Palestinians past Israeli checkpoints. Despite my disgust with this moron, I wish him a long life, but I must admit I can see a scenario where he escorts someone past a checkpoint only to have his escort unleash a homicide bomb and then we can see if his last words as his brains are blown to bits are "It's all Israel's fault - the Palestinians are not violent!" Again, I hope this never happens.

Trainer is just a minor little cog in the wheel - unfortunately there are a lot of self hating Jews out there. But the big villian in all this is Yasser Arafat and his fellow politicians who stole so much money from these poor Palestinians. Things started looking up for Palestinians to live peacefully with the Israelis in the 1990s, but his abandonment of the Clinton peace talks pretty much screwed over his own people who 40+ years later were already 2 generations seperated from the '48 invasion.

Despite that, people still associate Clinton with his impeachment. However, no matter what the crazy Republicans will say, Clinton was impeached for committing perjury. He perjured himself when during questioning about Whitewater, a question was thrown in about the totally unrelated irrelevant topic of whether he had sex with Monica Lewinsky. Unfortunately, as Roger Clemens can attest to, lying under oath seems to be THE biggest cardinal sin... especially when you lie to politicians whose reputations of honesty rank unfavorably to used car salesmen. Two weeks ago we wrote about those ridiculous Congressional hearings which was nothing more than a witch hunt. It was Clemens word against the Trainer,... and we aren't referring to Peter Trainor. Now, we see that Clemens might have lied to these oh so mighty politicans so they have apparentally stopped everything and continue to make a bigger deal about this non issue with possible criminal charges pending.

This week I was thinking about our wonderful lawmakers in Washington while I was putting together an episode of my Mortgage Podcast for YouTube. I keep a counter of the most downloaded podcasts, which I then put on YouTube after I edit in graphics. My most popular podcast right now is about what Congress needs to do to solve the mortgage disaster. Hillary is promising to impose a foreclosure moratorium. For Monday's video podcast, I was planning to include a graphic about how lawmakers are running in circles trying to solve this foreclosure problem, yet have enough time to chase after Clemens. We also have heroic soldiers fighting a ridiculous war in Iraq, creating new homes for a "rebuilt Iraq" yet there is no money to help Americans who are losing their homes. Oh and as I mentioned before, we are sending foreign aid to help Palestinians... tell that to the guy who lost his job and now has a Sheriff waiting at his door so he can start a foreclosure sale. Why doesn't Congress go after Peter Trainor's friend the terrorists who owe 174 Million instead of a baseball player?

And of course these moron politicians kiss up to rich Republicans by vowing no new taxes. And to help the poor in this country we cut taxes so rich people can spend more money! Hey the poor ones need every penny to pay their mortgage or for gasoline! Amazing! Yet these are all elected officials who lied to us to get our votes... and then create financial disasters like the one Jon Corzine has in New Jersey. The Governor just dropped a bombshell of a no new taxes budget but he is cutting out programs that provide services to poor sick people, along with scores of other needed programs. The state is also going to cut aid to towns, and that means those towns will have to....increase property taxes - I mean this whole thing is just crazy! And all the state jobs that will be cut... well there goes our unemployment stats... Yeah that really helps the economy. And what will the government do for those workers who lose their homes?? Send a check to the Palestinians?? Yet Republicans keep banging the drum about no new taxes, and the rightwingers are still trying to make immigration an issue, even though a lot of other issues are much more important. But we get all excited by these "No New Taxes" political lies that create huge deficits... job cuts... and happy rich people! Folks... stuff costs money - how will tax cuts pay for it??

Face it... politicians are mostly liars who tell us what we want to hear so we vote for them - Some lie more than others, but when they get up there to make their political speeches, a lot of these promises will never be fulfilled.

Yet why is it ok for politicians to lie to us... but an absolute career ruining tragedy for Roger Clemens to lie to politicians??


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