Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Nate's World of Words Bloggiversary - Two Dozen Classics Part II

As part of our celebrations of our 1 year anniversary here in the blogosphere we continue our look back at 24 classic columns here at NWOW. Today, Part II of the second dozen classics culled from a look back at our first year here.

1. April 18-21, 2006 - PODCAST CHAT WITH JACQUIE JORDAN PART ONE. a two part extravaganza with my old radio broadcasting chum Jacquie Jordan who wrote a fantastic book called Get on TV. PART TWO features the infamous Soap Opera Softball that Jacquie spoke about in the first part of our chat. In an upcoming column, I will tell the story of how I was picked to be a guest on a pod cast hosted by a gentleman named Pete Davis. My ability to sound like I knew what I was talking about was thanks to the tips from Jacquie’s book, a must read for anyone who is a guest on a TV show, radio show or pod cast. Take a look at our new format for audio podcasts!

2. April 28, 2006 - THE NEWSCAST WITH GILBERT GOTTFRIED - In conjunction with Gilbert Gottfried being annointed the World’s Most Unsexiest Man, we presented this infamous radio show from the 1990s when I attempted to deliver a straight newscast while Gilbert was heckling me in the background.

3. May 12-17, 2006 - THE TOP FOURTEEN TALK SHOW HOSTS PART ONE Following in the tradition of Top Fourteen lists, this two part column was inspired by an article on MSN that Danger Spouse emailed me to with a giant question mark!. PART TWO included a trip down memory lane with the live Donahue episode where I sat in the audience looking bored. . I think the Leno and Oprah fans will disagree with my rankings. Its gonna be a long time before legends like Carson and Letterman come around again.. Did you catch Impressionists Week on Letterman? Did Rich Little and Fred Travalena have plastic surgery? They look younger than when they did on Hollywood Squares back in the 70s!.

4. May 25, 2006 - MY WACKY LOST THEORIES - Ok is the current three month hiatus the shark jumper for Lost?.. Personally, I am growing increasingly frustrated with the layers of unsolved mysteries. Maybe the Lost writers should start watching Heroes during the 3 month hiatus, so they will see firsthand how a show resolves some of its mysteries to keep the audience happy. The May 25 column unveiled my theory of what the show is about… Nowadays, I’m more reluctant to reveal any more theories since it appears that the writers make this crap up as they go along. Nonetheless, I still think the Others are not really bad.. Kind of like the Cheerleader‘s Dad on Heroes.. Oh wait.. They answered that question already, didn’t they?. I did get a kick out of ABC’s promo that used the Others underground set with the closed circuit television monitors to show scenes of the new Taye Diggs show - “Groundhog Day - The TV Series“..

5. June 28, 2006 - THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL COLUMN! Never in a million years did I realize that friends of one of the nominees for the Ann Coulter Jerk of the Week Award would google their way to my little ol’ blog! One of the nominees… but not the winner… was the family of a gentleman who disappeared last summer, and now some relatives want him declared dead, meaning the step mothers marriage would not exceed the magical pre nupped 5 year mark causing her to lose millions of dollars. . Forty one comments were posted here.. and even more were posted on a very popular hippity hop blog where this “friend“ posts comments.. Here at NWOW, all comments go through my email first, and I had to delete more than half of them due to some pretty vile language. The man who organized the onslaught also posted comments on the other blog trying to rally his pals to attack my blog - but cooler heads prevailed on that message board as other posters convinced this character that here in America a person is entitled to his own opinion. I still stand by my original opinion. . By the way those relatives were just nominees.. Can you imagine what would have happened had he actually won the award??

6. July 17 and 20, 2006 - MY CHAT WITH DAS FROM DAS BLOG PART ONE and PART TWO Luckily I timed this chat a few months before the election as we chatted about the difference between liberal Democrats like DAS and normal Democrats like me. Just kidding, DAS is actually a very nice guy and just in case you missed his comment a couple of weeks ago.. he actually has voted Republican more times than me! Here stacked like bunkbeds are Parts I and II

7. August 10, 2006 FAIR-Y TALES - A MULTIMEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA This was the column featuring tales from the infamous Sussex County Farm and Horse Show featuring video files of Johnny Maestro of The Brooklyn Bridge and an audio file of some of the strange characters I found at the Fair back in the radio days of the early 90s.. Plus thoughts of the fair by radio and blog legend Danger Spouse. .

8. August 24, 2006 - A RARE PERSONAL COLUMN - I am not one to use a blog as a personal diary.. But August 24th got off to a crummy start when I got word that my Temple was on fire. That was the building where I met Trophy Wife!! I decided to jot down my thoughts throughout the day as more news was unfolding about the damage caused by the blaze. Now, three months later the building is still closed, although it appears at least part of the building could be usable in 2007, but no word yet on the future use of the badly damaged sanctuary which has a gaping hole in the floor. .

9. September 14, 2006 - TIME MANAGEMENT - Another true story -a happy one this time… showing yet another reason why Trophy Wife is the best wife! Once again, she outsmarted me. By the way as a result of the aforementioned Time Management seminar I have gotten a lot better managing my time, I’d love to tell you what I’ve done in that regard but I am running late and I still need to do my football picks so the column is up by Friday afternoon.!

10. September 20, 2006 - THE LUST COLUMN - I never ever ever wanted to be a Rabbi… but if I was.. This would have been my speech at the High Holy Days. This was my argument about how our drooling over hot women should be put in the proper perspective. . Some people might disagree with my ideas here, but I think this column made some very good points.

11. September 28, 2006 - THE PODCASTING TUTORIAL Another one of my favorites… I decided to do my part to make the complicated process of pod casting a bit easier. Once you get the hang of it, pod casting is not as complex as it looks. We don’t help with subjects for future podcasters, but we tell you step by step how to get it from your microphone to your mp3/ipod/zune (for those who bought one the first day!). As I mentioned earlier I will be doing a column next week about how I ended up on a pod cast about pod casting…

12. October 26, 2006 - And finally to wrap up the Bloggiversary…. THE NWOW TV FALL PREVIEW Here's irony.. the 24th column on the list is about the TV season, yet it doesn't mention the best show - "24"! Didn’t it suck this year that there is no more TV Guide Fall Preview like the good old days? Granted the TV Guide website is quite entertaining.. but life isn’t the same since they dumped the regional listings format. Once the Mets season ended.. it was time to look at the new shows of which only 2 caught my attention. Heroes is just fantastic and gets better and better each week.. The Nine is a soap opera about the ongoing story of 9 people who survived a hostage ordeal during a bank robbery, but the show’s best parts are the flashbacks to the hostage drama which just contrasts how plodding the rest of the plot is. And what’s the deal with the pregnant girl making sweetie eyes at the bank robber while her boyfriend welcomes impending fatherhood while doing the ol’ hoochie mcscoochie with another ex-hostage?

And there you have it.. 24 columns that define this blog… Now its time to embark on year #2... We will soon have our Godfather III Review.. And then the announcement of our new movie anthology,.. Plus more of Pumpstradamus.. We‘ll chat with him next month about his 2007 predictions..

Now time for the football picks where last week we were 5-11 dropping to a humiliating 59-79 Pumpstradamus is 6-3-1 By the way, not to make excuses.. but I am.. look how even all these teams have become. Check out the standings Monday to see how many teams will be 6-4, 5-5, and 4-6. That’s parity!!

Bears 7 faves over THE JETS – Wow, what a win for the Jets last week. But the Bears gave the Giants a can of whoop-ass last Sunday and now they are returning to the scene of the crime!

BALTIMORE 4 faves over Atlanta – Hello everybody else on the Ravens bandwagon; my name is Nate and I am a new member here.

DENVER 3 faves over San Diego - If the Chargers pull this one out.. I may jump on their bandwagon too.

St. Louis 7 doggies over CAROLINA - I don’t think the Panthers will cover by a TD.

Pittsburgh 3 ½ faves over CLEVELAND – OK… the Steelers bounced back last week.. Can they make a race for a wild card in a conference where the Jets are contenders?

New England 5 ½ faves over GREEN BAY – The Patriots lose 2 in a row and sign Vinny Testaverde? They shoulda signed Peter Griffin…. Shipoopie Shipoopie!!

Minnesota 3 ½ doggies over MIAMI – All of a sudden the Dolphins are such a great team? The Vikes are one of 8 NFC teams that are either 5-4 or 4-5 which makes this a big game for their wild card hopes.

Buffalo 2 point doggies over HOUSTON – The guy in the Ledger has a great line about the Texans.. “they’re just a step below mediocrity, and once you’re mediocre… you’re a contender”… Imagine if DeNiro had said…”I coulda been …. mediocre!”

Raiders 10 point doggies over KANSAS CITY – The Raiders are .500 against the spread… and the Chiefs are welcoming back Trent Green.. that oughta give The Raiders a decent chance to cover.

NEW ORLEANS 3 ½ faves over the Bengals – Pick against America’s Sweethearts at home? Never. See Pumpstradamus below…

PHILADELPHIA 13 faves over Tennesee – Ya think the Eagles are still kicking themselves for the September 17th meltdown against The Giants? They look strong and that loss could mean the difference between wild card and division winner.

Washington 2 ½ faves over the TAMPA BAY – Woulda been the snoozer of the day, but…

ARIZONA 2 ½ over Detroit – Wow.. who are the lucky announcers for this one? Will the mothers of Ron Pitts, Kevin Donahue and Kevin McCabe even watch this?

Seattle 4 faves over SAN FRANCISCO – Another wannabe will drop to 4-6.

The Colts 1 faves over DALLAS – So the big machers that make the spreads think the Colts win streak ends here? Not so fast – plus Dallas better not get too beat up... they have another game 3 days later.

Giants 3 point doggies over JACKSONVILLE – You think Coach Couglin has feelings about his former team? I don’t think he has a sentimental bone in his body! And watch how his special teams will cover punt returns and missed field goals!

PUMPSTERDAMUS PICK OF THE WEEK: Pumpie is now 6-3-1.... and this week in honor of Rutgers playing against Cincy, we go to Cinncinati for this week's pick in the Cinncinati-New Orleans game....Sayeth the wise one: "Take the Bengals just like that old song.. “Walk Like an Egyptian!”".. Note from Nate.. Uh that was the Bangles…


alberich said...

I can't believe I made the top 24. I think I should get to wear a sparkly blue ribbon all day, nu?

FWIW ... I dunno if I can be called a "normal" anything. And while I don't think there is a such thing as a normal Democrat ("I don't belong to any organized party. I'm a Democrat" - Will Rogers), but I suspect that you are more of a normal Democrat than I.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Trophy wife loves u!

Pumpstradamus said...

Iceberg, Goldberg.... what's the difference!

Nate said...

And amazingly.. with Pumpsterdamus picking "The Bangles".. with a win next week he will clinch at least a .500 record with his weekly pick! He is now 7-3-1!