Friday, April 28, 2006

Right Said Fred to Gilbert Gottfried: You're Too Unsexy

Today’s pod cast has a radio news theme… The big news this week…Opie and Anthony have just started on many of the former Howard Stern CBS affiliates delegating David Lee Roth to trivia status along with the Chevy Chase talk show and The Wilton North Report. O and A do 3 hours simulcast on regular radio and satellite and the last 2 hours only on satellite.. I guess they go for the big cliffhanger at 8:59 to get people to sign up with XM. Amazingly, they are beating Howard Stern at his own game.. They will now get a bigger audience.. And they have his old slot… and they get to stay on satellite too. This is kind of a bummer since I like Howard more than O and A. And interestingly enough, I hear that a big shot Catholic organization has issued a letter of forgiveness to O and A for the stunt a few years ago where a couple participating in an O and A stunt was caught doing the ol’ hocus mcpocus at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. That stunt got them canned from CBS Radio.. But in the quest for the almighty dollar.. CBS decided to forgive and forget… and now they’re back.

Speaking of religious controversies, the Head Rabbi of the Satmar Hasidim died this week at the age of 92.…. And his 2 sons are battling it out to see who gets to lead the crew.. Here’s my suggestion to take over the helm of the Satmars…… NJ Devils Coach/GM Lou Lamairello. That’s right.. Lou Lamairello… He took over the Devils in the 80s when the team stank and quickly turned it into a powerhouse franchise. Then, when the team was struggling along early this season… the coach quit,… and Lou stepped in to take over… and now for the last month, they appear to be the hottest team in the league! It doesn’t matter that he isn’t Jewish… he is THE American success story... more than Donald Trump! Lou turns everything he touches into gold and I think he would do a fine job leading the Satmars…..

By the way… the Devils score so often against the Rangers.. I worry that Garden PA announcer Joe Tolleson is going to get laryngitis from announcing so many Devil goals…

Anyway… there was one other story that made the news.. A New England publication announced that Gilbert Gottfried is the most unsexiest man in the world… beating out such luminaries as Andy Rooney, Mickey Rooney, Wilford Brimley, Hurley on Lost, Former Gov. Tom Kean, John Bobbitt, John Madden (the announcer, not the hat trick scoring Devil) and Billy Packer.

This brings to mind my radio days.. Gilbert was doing a standup gig at a club in Morris County and visited my radio station to hype his appearance. I was actually standing in the lobby when he quietly walked in and meekly asked me if I knew where he could find the afternoon dj. It took a couple of seconds for me to realize that this quiet little fellow was actually.. Gilbert. I went to his show that night and got to go backstage afterwards.. And as he left to say goodbye to his agent.. He said.. “zei gezunt’…a common Yiddish goodbye meaning be well... Sort of like a Jewish “May be the Force with You!” (Yes folks.. I have seen The Empire Strikes Back and my comments on that film will appear on this blog next week.) My non Jewish roommate (at the 65 a week house.. See the prior radio column for details) asked me what zei gezunt meant.. And from then on.. every time he left a room… he would say… zei gezunt.. A trait that I later picked up too….

Check out the pic... this was when I went through my bushy mustache phase.. Actually, the hair on my chest was taken off and used to form my goatee… or maybe I’m wearing a black T-shirt,… I really don’t recall.

Today's podcast is my lame attempt to deliver a newscast while Gilbert and his hysterical antics were lurking in the background…. Click play to hear yours truly.. and Mr. Unsexy…

Zei Gezunt..

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Dangerspouse said...

God, as many times as I've heard that aircheck it still cracks me up. What a shame you had to keep interrupting him though!

Hey Natey, I can't believe you still call it "hocus mcpocus". Grow up, willya? It's called "Stinky McBoing-Boing". Sheesh. Do I have to teach you everything about Culture?