Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yet Another Wacky "Lost" Theory

Hello to the Lost fans who googled their way over here today!

Wow…what a week! 2 hour season finales for Desperate Housewives.. 24 and Lost.. All in four days! Boy are my eyes bleary! 24 did pay homage to Edgar in the final episode…(plus we found out that Chloe was once married to a young version of Richard Dawson?!), the finale was pretty good.. not as violent as usual… but quite dramatic nontheless especially when Jack Bauer kidnapped The President! Wow.. What guts!…

The DH finale was better than usual… although it borrowed a lot of storytelling styles from Lost by utilizing flashbacks to move the story along…. But Lost seems to be getting all the attention since nobody knows what the heck is going on.. It also makes you wonder about ABC’s tolerance towards some of its employees. Keep in mind that the two actresses who play Ana Lucia and Libby were pulled over for DWI a couple of months ago. After their trip to the pokey… their characters were killed off and the actresses found themselves on the unemployment line.

They are not the only 2 female ABC employees who have been “punished”. ABC News, just months after announcing with great fanfare that Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff would anchor an innovative newscast with live updates for different time zones along with a podcast… have given Liz the ol’ heave ho. Vargas is pregnant (her husband is Marc Cohn, the singer who did “Walking in Memphis”) and as she gets ready to depart for maternity leave… she was told NOT to come back to World News Tonight since Charles Gibson will take over as anchorman starting Monday. The recent selections of Morning News Stars Katie Couric and Gibson to anchor the 630 newscasts show us that the ratings war is on!

Woodruff is still not well enough to come back to anchor the news after he sustained head injuries in Iraq. And as far as ABC is concerned……how dare Vargas allow Cohn to slip one past the goalie and get pregnant while Woodruff is still out? This leaves the newscast anchorless! Oy the chutzpah.. Cohn couldn’t walk in Memphis to a Walgreen’s and obtain some jimmy hats? So… ABC bids her adieu as she leaves for maternity leave, and takes away her high profile anchor gig. She claims her dr. told her to “cut down her workload”….but it looks like ABC has set the women’s movement back many years with this “punishment”! Don’t you think she would still be anchoring if she hadn’t gotten pregnant? And by the way, what is the real story on Woodruff? His condition has been as guarded as Dick Clark’s was in 2005 after his stroke!

Now time for me to join the other bloggers and toss in my Lost theories...

I think the writers have been inspired by The Village, The Truman Show, Survivor, and Total Recall. In a nutshell, I think this island is an experiment to see how different types of people will get along living in a biosphere. This self contained environment occurred to me in the season finale when the Password was “What did one snowman say to the other? You smell like a carrot”. This tropical island might be within a cold weather atmosphere since not only do we have the snowman reference, but we also see that the island is being monitored by men in a very cold snowy atmosphere! By the way, the snowman joke was ok, but the funnier joke was told on the Sopranos Sunday where a guy carrying a duck comes home to his wife and says “This is the pig I’ve been screwing”.. The wife says “that’s a duck”. The husband says… “I wasn’t talking to you”

And there are two interesting Lost quotes worth examining further... (This sounds like an ArtScroll publication.. only my Jewish homies will get that reference!) Walt telling his dad “They’re pretending” and “Henry Gale” saying he is “one of the Good Guys“.. So thats what happened to the old WMCA djs!

I think there are 4 different groups involved here.. The surviving tailie(s) , the regular gang, The Others, and the dudes from Dharma..

THE LOSTIES - Participants in an experiment where they have had some false memories implanted into them and they don't remember their true identities. Hence these flashbacks are NOT the character’s past.. but are actually the implanted memories. This made up universe only goes so far,. which is why there is a lot of overlapping between different characters in the flashbacks… Plus implanted memories can explain why Locke was cured of his paralysis and Rosalind is healthy after being ill for so long prior to arriving at the island. It also explains Jin’s pregnancy after she “thought” they were unable to have babies.

THE DHARMA-ITES WHO RUN THE SHOW - we don’t see them… but this Penny woman might have some involvement.. They set up this whole wacky experiment to “monitor” its participants. But who is being tested? The castaways who punch a code into a computer every 108 minutes or the people who were supposed to monitor the button pushers and write their entries in notebooks that were then sent out in those bank drive-up tubes. The tubes all ended up in one gigantic pile in the middle of the island where they just sat uncollected.

THE OTHERS - or as Henry Gale calls ‘em the “Good Guys”… I have always thought that The Others are not really the bad guys but may be the original settlers on the Island who have been bumped over by the Dharma group and now they have some involvement in this grandiose project (sort of like the American Indians who run the casinos.. ok you took our land. but we will own the casinos).

THE TAILIES - Bernard, Ana Lucia (RIP), Libby/Elizabeth (RIP) and Eko (RIP??) - I think they are the really really bad guys….. death row inmates who are participating in this experiment and their implanted memories might be the opposite of who they really are. Libby instead of a shrink is a criminal who killed her husband and later was confined to a mental hospital.. That might be why she was so eager to give Desmond her late husband’s boat… Perhaps, Ana Lucia is a cop killer.. Eko is a priest killing drug kingpin, and Bernard was involved in a racist hate crime... yet now he thinks he is married to a black woman! Their seems to be an expendability to those tailies.. after all what kind of experiment would allow its participants to be shot dead? Incidentally, I still don’t believe the plane “crashed”… I think they think it crashed and keep in mind they have only shown the crash in flashbacks.. The very first scene in the first episode took place after "the crash" when Jack opened his eyes. After all what are the odds that Eko and his “brother” were both in plane crashes on the same island? What are the odds that 2 members of the Kennedy family would both be involved in bizarre late night car accidents?

DESMOND - This one is is a bit confusing though…Is he part of the experiment? Or was he really stranded there for 2 years? Or does he think he killed a guy after helping him press a button for 2 years?. I get the feeling he was not implanted with the memories, but he is confused with time and really has not been stranded there for that long. But if his memories are real…including his meeting the disguised Libby … What is his ex fiances involvement? Did she use her millions (as she said with money you can find anyone) to track down the Dharma Island since she is involved with the Arctic guys who are monitoring the island? Or is her dad one of the people running the whole shebang and he arranged to get the former prisoner on the island and she wants her man back no matter what Daddy says? Incidentally, when they showed the 2 guys calling her… it was the first time a scene took place outside the island that was NOT part of a flashback. And she has the same photo on her nightstand that Desmond has.. Maybe his memories are real! Or, maybe Patrick Duffy is in her shower?

THE WALT AND MICHAEL FAMILY - What experiment allows a minor to participate? And how did he end up on the island with the “losties” before the “Good Guys” rescued him? And is he really Michael’s son or is that too a false memory on Michael’s part? What does Walt know? Maybe his parents allowed him to participate only under certain conditions… which is why he gets voted off the island while everyone else has to stay.

Then there was the little comment by Walt... when he told Michael…”They aren’t who they say they are.. They‘re pretending”….. Maybe the young kid got a bit confused because the guy’s name isn’t Jack but it is actually Matthew Fox PRETENDING to be Jack. Ok.. That’s a joke… But seriously, I don’t think that was referring to The Others.. but instead to the fellow castaways… Perhaps, Walt saw some of them at some point as they prepared for the experiment and now Walt perceives them as pretending to be other people... That knowledge might be why The Others let him go.. especially after they asked Michael if Walt had been in places he shouldn’t have been. Unless of course he was caught peeping into some of the actress’s dressing room.

THE THREE WHO ARE NOW WITH THE OTHERS - I wonder what the common thread is… maybe the 3 are just a decoy and The Others true motivation was to get the kid off the island. If this was Survivor.. these are the 3 I want on my team… Are all 3 linked by not being who they think they are? Were they involved in some kind of criminal activity? Or right doing? I don’t know much about Sawyer (I didn’t watch much of the 1st season) but wasn't he part of a scam in his flashback?.. And maybe the bad mistakes by Jack’s dad were really made by Jack? Or perhaps the guy Kate was handcuffed to might have been a criminal she was bringing to justice and not vice versa? We already know that Desmond spent some time in jail, and that some other characters like Locke were accessories to other crimes. Could this be an experiment to see if criminals and good people can live together in a free society if their memories are somehow erased? Who the heck knows? Some bloggers on other sites have a theory that the 3 are like the characters in The Wizard of Oz.. (the scarecrow, tin man, and Lion) and each seeks brains, a heart and courage. Dorothy's last name is Gale (like Henry Gale), and Gale also traveled by hot air baloon just like Dorothy when she left Oz.

Well we won't find out anything more till the fall so I am now going to go enjoy my summer. The mp3 is loaded with my summer music and my pool opens this weekend! Have a Happy Memorial Day! Don’t drink and drive… your boss might be like ABC and fire you! For that matter…. You may want to abstain from unprotected sex too!


Dana, Gary and the Rugrats said...

Your blog should be re-named "all about TV" LOL! Tell your wife to call me, I want to hear about what’s new, but we keep playing phone tag. Check out my blog when you get a chance, I have finally figured out how to put video clips on my blog by using Photobucket-- I am so very proud of myself :) I'm not as tech-savvy as you so it took a long time for me to actually figure it out. Anyway hope you guys are doing well, enjoying this holiday weekend, and once in a while try to post a picture and update about you and the wife!!!!

Nate said...

It does take a year and a day to learn how to post embedded movies!! I learned how to do it last year when I started embedding movies on my eBay auctions.. (and anyone who wants it done for them, should contact me at the blog...)
Now that's a shameless plug!

I'm not familiar with Photobucket,... I use which stores my video and audio files for free and charges a very small monthly fee for downloading them. I am pretty happy with it so far.. and now that we switched from dialup to a cable modem I don't have to sit here for an hour waiting for my files to get there!

I will keep you posted about updated family movies with Trophy Wife.. We haven't posted one since our FL vacation, so perhaps it might soon be time to add more family frivolity to the ol' blog.

Titus Family said...


Check out Photobucket, so far I haven't had to pay for downloading or uploading-- no montly fees that I'm aware of and they haven't asked for my credit card info (yet). They make it really easy by providing you with an "embed" link for each video you upload. So when you go to post on your blog, all you need to do is copy and past the link... and voila, your clip is there for the world to see!