Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Podcast Chat with Jacquie Jordan - Part I

Last Saturday night I meandered over to Shop Rite for a late night macaroon and Kosher for Passover yellow cap Diet Coke run. As I waited on line and checked out the usual tabloid headlines, the cover of Woman’s World jumped out at me! There was my ol pal Jacquie Jordan!! Wow.. I bought the magazine.. actually mumbling something to the cashier about buying the magazine for my aunt who was visiting from out of town. How else does a he-man buy a woman’s magazine?

As many of you may know… back in the early 90s when I used to work as a radio newscaster for a Northwest NJ AM-FM Radio combo… I became friends with Jacquie. She used to work at the competing station…and we used to make prank calls to her! Ultimately, she came to work for my station… and we went on to also work on a few video projects together. She just wrote a great new book called “Get on TV”. It's a tutorial for people who want to promote themselves not only as a TV or radio expert, but also through other methods... such as a website. Jacquie's website is TVGuestPert.com and she joins us on today’s Podcast.

Here is her book:

And her cover on the current issue of Woman’s World...

Click play to hear the interview… Part II will air later this week, after I get the macaroon crumbs out of my keyboard. By the way, you can also get the Podcast through Clickcaster.. It will automatically download it to your mp3 player.

You can also get the Podcast on you’re My Yahoo Page by doing this:

1. At My Yahoo click "add content"

2. Click "Add RSS by URL" and type in http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/msNl

3. Click on "add to my yahoo"

4. Click on the edit it link (edit to show content), to allow for headline and short summary. Now a little button will automatically show up on your "my yahoo" page next to the summary that you can click to play audio and video files.

You can then put it in your mp3 player and listen to it anytime you want!

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Pumperoon said...

My favorite macaroons are Manishewitz chocolate-cherry chunk (consuming them as we speak!), and chocolate-covered coconut. I'll definitely download your interview tonight and listen to it while I'm, heh, "pumping" iron at the gym! Good yontif....