Monday, May 07, 2007

Accountability - Our 100th Column!

Welcome to our 100th column… and the first one written entirely at our new house.. The prior 2 columns… The Home Sweet Home… and the Ballad of Melanie McGuire which were posted after we moved had actually been written in advance..

This past month we learned thanks to sacrificial lamb Don Imus that the word “ho” is unacceptable. As a result, both Santa Claus and The Jolly Green Giant are now forbidden to say “ho ho ho”, and as part of the ban, Don Ho promptly dropped dead.

I learned a lot about accountability some years back during a period where I was unemployed. During that time, I had more time on my hands to take care of stuff and it amazed me how often people screwed things up, yet were able to keep their jobs. I guess I still see that nowadays, but I just brush it off. But in today’s column, I would like to explore the theme of being held accountable for one’s actions.

HIRO BEING A HERO ON HEROES - We’ll start with a light topic - Weren’t the producers of Heroes irresponsible last week with the episode where time traveler Hiro is told to go back and change history to prevent a massive bomb from exploding in New York City. Hiro traveled to the future and ran into himself there …aka Future Hiro…. Future Hiro reminded Past Hiro that he must go back to “Save the Cheerleader Save The World”. Apparently keeping the cheerleader away from the power sucking Sylar will prevent the apocalypse. By the way the actor who plays Sylar and Josh Holloway who plays Sawyer on Lost are going to have an interesting battle for this year’s Best Actor Emmy.

But... isn’t Future Hiro giving advice that breaks the cardinal rule of Time Travel? The so called butterfly effect means that time travelers who go back in time cannot even alter a teeny butterfly because the net result could change “the future“, and since the future has already happened it would drastically change stuff that already happened. It's very interesting how the writers created this New York City 5 years after a horrific explosion... the show premiered 5 years after 9/11. And the President's speech where the explosion went off, made the viewer note the resemblance to Ground Zero at The World Trade Center. Of course moments into the speech, The President utilized his power of flying and zipped right out of there, leaving the press gasping in shock. Can you imagne if George W. just flew right out of an appearance?

Even though Past Hiro may be able to change history… doesn’t that blatantly break the rules? And isn’t NBC setting a bad example for the young ‘uns by advocating an action that breaks a major rule of Time Travel?

THE DEATH OF JOSH HANCOCK - The Cardinals pitcher was killed in a car crash last week when his car slammed into a tow truck that had parked behind a disabled vehicle that need a tow. Now we hear that Mr. Hancock was drunk and talking on his cell phone at the time of the crash. If the tow truck had not parked there, Hancock would have slammed into the disabled vehicle (a small car from what I hear) and had he survived would possibly be facing murder charges. It has also been revealed that he had been drinking that evening at a bar owned by a Cardinal broadcaster, yet it now appears in this crazy world we live in that the bar could be sued by Hancock's survivors.

THE GUIDING LIGHT - I see that former Party of 5 Actress Neve Campbell married British actor John Light this weekend. Speaking of 5 and Light, that is how many years in prison disgraced former NJ Rabbi Peter Light will get in Prison for looting his synagogue's discretionary fund. So instead of performing a wedding this weekend (Where Trophy Wife was a bridesmaid), Mr. Light was dodging Bubba while using his soap on a rope.

The discretionary fund is set up for the less fortunate and is paid for by the generous donations made be temple members. The people at that temple had donated a lot of money...Light took most of the money and used it to pay for his little slut that he had on the side. And some interesting info surfaced at Friday's sentencing. Light had been confronted by Temple members that they were concerned with accounting irregularities.. so what did the shmuck do? He promptly drained all the remaining money and wired it to his own account. At his sentencing he gave the old sob story that he wishes he could return the money but his money is tied up because his wife is divorcing him. What a guy - he cheats on his wife with some whore, and then blames the wife that he can't repay the 86,000 that he stole. And, up to sentencing Mr. Light (I will not call him Rabbi - he like the imprisoned sex molester Mr. Lanner have lost the respect accorded with that title) had been working as a car salesman, thus lowering even further the reputation of that industry!

AL SHARPTON/DON IMUS REVISITED - Right before the recent announcement of a potential CBS lawsuit by Don Imus, I was watching… brace yourselves… The Fox News Channel, when Hannity and Colmes were interviewing former Imus producer Bernard McGuirk. He had a few choice words to say about Al Sharpton.. Which raises the interesting question… why isn’t Al Sharpton ever held accountable for his actions? And why are fellow Democrats who are running for office embracing a man who McGuirk calls “a terrorist’? He spends slow news periods conducting witch hunts for people he perceives as racists. I don’t know if between now and Election Day that I can get that image out of my mind of Barrack Obama participating in some kind of Sharpton sponsored forum… even taking note of Sharpton’s blackberry which rang during Obama's speech….. This lifelong Democrat will also have a hard time forgetting the image of my other fellow Democrats who have embraced the man McGuirk calls “a terrorist”.

First of all the blackberry call was not from anyone donating money to a Sharpton fundraiser for sick kids. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Sharpton is not known for his charitable donations. Don Imus was in the middle of a fundraiser for kids with cancer when Sharpton terrorized CBS Radio into firing him. And Imus who lowered himself to Sharpton’s level and appeared on some pathetic radio show that he hosts, clearly pointed out in his defense against racist accusations (as I mentioned in the comments section a few weeks ago) that he attempted to raise money for sick black children after he noticed an unusually large number of them had been stricken with sickle cell anemia. And when he attempted to raise money for the cause, and reached out to the Black Journalists Association, they did absolutely nothing to cooperate with his attempts to raise funds. A representative from that group claimed on that Sharpton show that they had been raising “awareness” of this disease for many years.. But the bottom line is Dollars raised.. And nothing they have done for fundraising compares to Imus.. A good analogy would be to compare ad revenue for Imus’s show vs. ad revenue for The Sharpton show that thankfully doesn’t pollute our local airwaves.

Lets get it straight.. I don’t believe that hating a person for his race makes any sense. Its kind of silly.. If youre going to dislike a person… hate them for their actions. The other idea to get straight.. Just like there is white racism against blacks.. there is black racism against whites. And black racists like Al Sharpton are no better than white racists.

Sharpton is a white hating anti semite….Just to review his sordid past which he responds to with his patented blank stare when responsible TV interviewers bring it up… He falsely accused a man of raping Tawana Brawley and ruined his career, even though it was later discovered that Brawley was a liar. Sharpton is not a real man.. Because a real man admits when he is wrong. If CBS loses an Imus suit, they will pay him. Sharpton was sued for libel by this poor man whose career was ruined by the Sharpton mid 80s witch hunt. Sharpton now owes him a ton of money and y’know what.. He hasn’t paid a penny. He started a riot in Crown Heights after a car accident killed a young black child… and as a result a young innocent man named Yankel Rosenbaum was brutally murdered by a mob that was started by Sharpton. And he complained about businessmen who were “white interlopers” who were working in Harlem. That “white interlopers protest” led to a fire at that store that killed seven people.

Sharpton wants to go after people who hurt the black community by attacking an old man radio host who the Rutgers women had never heard of. Why doesn’t Sharpton go after the drug dealers who hang outside the playgrounds of inner city school systems targeting young black children to use and/or resell the brain destroying products that make them rich and get them nice sports cars that young children drool over? Isnt that a bigger problem than people using words? I see he is protesting against rappers who use racist terms such as the “n” word.. Yet interestingly enough, white people don’t use that term in public… except for the extreme white supremacists… and nobody takes them seriously anyway. Where in the mainstream world do you hear those offensive words such as the “n” word? In rap songs…. And yet its been ok for those musicians to use a set of terms.. but forbidden to be used by anyone else.

Isn’t it time for Sharpton to be held accountable for his past and his hypocrisies?. Isiah Washington called his Greys Anatomy co star a faggot. His punishment is he must do public service announcements for a gay organization. Why does Washington keep his job and not Imus? And why doesn’t Sharpton protest ABC and terrorize them into firing Washington? If the shoe was on the other foot and the gay actor had called Washington by a black slur, Sharpton would have been shooting off his big mouth, Maybe we should hold them accountable by boycotting Grey’s Anatomy’s advertisers until Washington is fired, and boycotting Sharpton’s few advertisers until he starts protesting against Mr. Washington.

I wonder if Imus could turn back time and do it again… would he do the show and leave out that nappy headed ho comment? Of course it would break the cardinal rule of time travel… although I’m sure Governor Corzine would appreciate it, since he was en route to The Imus Rutgers Summit when he was critically injured in that car crash…

Now time for the Clip of the Week…

In honor of our 100th column… here is a clip from the old Radio archives. This comes from The Sussex County Fair in the early 90s when I went to Polish Night and heard the popular song.. 100 years, 100 years. Maybe they could change the word to 100 Columns??

Bonus Clip of The Week… Tom Poston died the other day at 85. Here is a clip from the short lived 2005 NBC show Committed where he played a clown who lived in Marnie’s closet. In this scene.. The series finale... Marnie realizes that thanks to the Clown’s wisdom that her boyfriend Nate is THE ONE! Who comes up with these characters names? Clown??


jake said...

Time can leave today and visit the future. If someone in the future tells you something to change, you can go back and change it...the butterfly effect was an attempt to explain that the tiniest changes in time (the beat of the wings of a butterfly) could change the outcome of, say, a basketball game where that beat caused the wind to shift and move the ball away from going into a basket. If Hiro goes to the present and kills Sylar, then the future that he visited DISAPPEARS. If he then decided to again go go the future, it would be a different future.

As for the temporal directive from Star Trek, they don't want people going back in time and changing things because you never know when you allow another Hitler, etc to come to power. But as far as Sylar is concerned, it is worth it.

The major rule of Time travel? only if you set up a commision (like time cop),if it is possible, it would be nice if not just every idiot has the ability to go back and really screw up history.

The conspiracy side of things state that certain government/military members already have seen the future and that's why they are moving things the way they are because they know that the sh_t will hit the fan so they are trying to get away with as much BS as they can before it and then go hiding underground.

Not just a car salesman...a USED car salesman...

Nate said...

Thanks Jake, but lets keep the Star Trek stuff outta this blog or else I'll have to moderate too many "Who is a worse actor - Shatner or David Caruso?" debates.

As for the "used" car salesman line, the paper said car salesman. The used car salesman line came from a guest at the wedding who generously donated money to the charity that Light probably spent at the VD clinic for that hussy he was sleeping with.

I may be feisty in my Light comments but any married man who overcompensates for his small shmeckle/ midlife crisis by stealing from a charity to spend money on his whore has to be "accountable" in my comments section.

Rabbi Pump said...

At his sentencing he gave the old sob story that he wishes he could return the money but his money is tied up because his wife is divorcing him.

Wow. That excuse may just win first place in the contest for the ultimate definition of chutzpah in the courtroom (second place, of course, going to the boy who murdered his parents, then asking the judge for mercy because he was an orphan)

Nate said...

Good point Rabbi.

By the way lets update that Sharpton isnt just an anti semite but he's an anti Mormon as well.. Here's a quote from some debate the other night about GOP Presidential Candidate Mormom Mitt Romney...

“As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don’t worry about that; that’s a temporary situation,”

Singles him up out as a Mormon.. just like the white interlopers in Harlem. Hmmm.... And why would a clever writer get into a debate with Sharpton? Thats like a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent!

Brigham Pump said...

Singles him up out as a Mormon.. just like the white interlopers in Harlem. Hmmm.... And why would a clever writer get into a debate with Sharpton? Thats like a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent!

Absolutely! I'd pay lots of shekhels to see that fight..... "The Mormon vs. the Moron!"