Sunday, December 04, 2005

TV 2005 - Part II

Last week I wrote about The TV Year in Review Part I. Tonight we visit the major networks and the junk they offer. Basically the major networks continue to bomb with the new offerings. It seems like the reality show craze has fizzled and creativity is starting to make a comeback.. although CBS and NBC seem to rely too much on their CSI and Law and Order clones. Speaking of Clones… my Star Wars II comments will be posted Wednesday night!

Here are my nightly prime time observations….and insight into what I tend to watch on any given week.

SATURDAY - nothing to watch. Go out and enjoy yourself folks, the networks have abandoned Sat. night!

SUNDAY - I like The Simpsons, and The Family Guy - American Dad hour gets taped every week; I’ve already said I think FG is one of the best shows on the tube, and that AD musical number from a few weeks ago when they moved to Saudi Arabia was priceless. Despite the critics, I think Desperate Housewives is still relevant, but here’s where they missed the boat. Last year centered around Mary Alice’s mysterious death and she was the narrator “from the grave”. Well the mystery is solved. I think they should have had Rex narrate the show this season and focus more on his death this season. I also like Grey’s Anatomy but it’s just a 10 o’clock show to bridge the gap till the 11pm news (on channel 4 of course.. I stopped watching Channel 2 when they canned Warner Wolf). Is there a TV character sluttier than Meredith Grey? Who does she not have one night stands with? Last week’s one night Romeo was very excited to see her… and stayed excited… and stayed excited…

MONDAY - It’s the CBS lineup for now until 24 comes back. The only 2 new shows I watch are How I Met Your Mother and the one with Henry Winkler and Stockard Channing. Stockard looks great for her age! And Neil Patrick Harris from HIMYM is kind of cool… I’ve liked him since he was in "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" Note to the film’s fact checkers… there’s a White Castle in Edison which is much closer to Bergen County than Princeton. Couldn‘t the boys just travel to Rutgers instead of Princeton and look for chics with the newly resingled President McCormick?

CSI Miami is priceless because you will never ever ever see an actor as awful as David Caruso! He's worse than William Shatner in his prime! And how about that Emily Proctor?… Homina homina homina! However, sometimes the stories get a bit preposterous. Recently, Proctor’s character was giving the sweet eyes to an investigator who had questioned and released a female suspect in a shooting. But low and behold the willowy blonde was feeling rather dejected when the fellow told her he hooked up elsewhere, although he said he would have pursued her had he not been told that she was unavailable. Well, our sweet little blonde had a revelation! Using Talmudic logic that would make Rashi blush, she realized that since he did not investigate her willingness to do the ol hocus mcpocus with him thoroughly enough… therefore she concluded that he also must not have been too thorough the with the aforementioned suspect. The suspect was promptly brought back in for questioning…. and she turned out to be the killer!!! Only CSI would have an arrogant narcissistic hot blonde get rejected and turn it into the solving of a crime! Although oddly enough, after my years of being single, I didn’t find that plot twist too unrealistic.

TUESDAY - I haven’t really been into The Amazing Race this year. Its really just Law and Order SVU for me. Sometimes however the show has too many twists and turns. Also, Criminal Intent which I catch in reruns is now starting to give it a run for the money in terms of quality to win the award as Best Law and Order.

WEDNESDAY - Lost - I don’t know what the heck is going on, nor do the writers.. But it’s a pretty entertaining show. I kind of wish the Mandy Patinkin detective show wasn’t on at the same time since I’m a big fan of his…I once saw him on the subway and amazingly nobody recognized him!!! I like CSI NY at 10pm but the wardrobe for Melina Kanakaredes is just a bit much. Do detectives really walk around with that much cleavage hanging out? I don’t remember Abe Vigoda walking around with a speedo on Barney Miller!

THURSDAY - CBS again. Survivor is pretty good although I have been out the last few Thursdays. It would have been neat if Gary Hogeboom had won. I hate the Cowboys but he played for them during the Landry Years when they were a classy team. Then it’s CSI and Without a Trace. I can’t name one character on WAT, but it has a very watchable formula.

FRIDAY - Just one show. The Ghost Whisperer. Does Jennifer Love Hewitt realize that tapes of this show will haunt her for her entire career? What was she thinking when she took this role? Did somebody blackmail her with nudie pix to get her to do that show? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if she just let the pictures out and allow CBS to show something else in that timeslot? Maybe unaired episodes of NBC’s Committed?

CBS has been kicking butt in the ratings… and for good reason. There really isn’t much on the other networks except Fox cartoons, the 2 ABC mega-hits from last season, and NBC’s Law and Orders.

Stay tuned for Wed. night when I will post my comments on Star Wars II. We will also have our first video clip posted on this blog!

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