Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hate in America

Just a few brief thoughts about a recent Donny Deutsch show on CNBC. He had a program about these two twin 13 year old girls who have formed a musical duo that basically sings racist anti-black anti-semitic songs. They have the solid backing of the neo-nazi organizations and all these other “White Power” groups, and made headlines recently when Teen People scrubbed an article about them.

During the Holocaust, the Nazis used a gas called Zyklon B to exterminate millions of people just because they were not of the Aryan race. The chilling effect of the gas combined with the bodies created a sickly color that earned a name. The managers of this band were so proud of their Nazi forefathers that they decided to name that group after that effect. I won’t bother to name the group since they don’t need the free publicity. As a believer in free speech, these people have the right to say whatever they want…. But free speech means bloggers like myself can offer their 2 cents worth. And, here’s mine…..

Believe it or not, I have no issues with these little girls; I find them to be innocent pawns in a larger chess match. They are only young kids who really only know what they are taught. That comes from their mother April Gaede. She has spent the last few years trying to create a music empire that markets these children in a very sexualized way… and they are only 13 years old.

They are definitely not in a proper home… that’s for damn sure. Hate is a strong emotion,,… and people who hate other people hate one person more than anybody else… themselves. April is a perfect example of someone who hates herself, and has very little self respect. She channels this through her kids and releases videos of them playing a game that involves hopping around a swastika and wearing a white t-shirt with a Hitler smiley face. The twins’ grandfather uses a swastika to brand his horses. At least she has arranged to get them a polio vaccine… which by the way was discovered by a Jew! April, this fine pillar of society, as a protest about some bizarre cause rode on horseback through her town NAKED! She was arrested and the police thankfully quickly covered her with a blanket…. (which I hope was washed thoroughly before it was used for the drug addicts and hookers who pass through the county jail… they might catch something!)

According to other bloggers, Mama herself isn’t too popular among the men in her racist community, due to soured relationships with the MANY MANY men with whom she has shared amour. She also home schools her kids which means on any given day when its time for school to start, classes may have to wait for the gentlemen du jour to depart from the premises prior to the daily dose of Gaede’s view of history and other important things that young neo Nazis need to learn. There are people who feel bad for the kids and have called for their mother to give them up so they can be raised in a proper home. I don’t work for DYFS so who am I to tell this April woman to give up her kids?

Deutsch who usually has fluffier topics had a couple of lawyers who are the spokesmen for the various anti-semitic, anti-black groups that have embraced these girls. They have their spin down so well, they can drive an unprepared host in circles with their vague answers that never really address the questions posted to them. These people have the right to say their piece, but its up to the host to be well prepared with good comebacks, so these hatemongers say just enough to show viewers what type of people they really are. All these “spokesmen” sidestep the race question with some kind of mumbo jumbo “patriotism” drivel interspersed with cracks about their Holocaust revisionist theories.

Remember a few years ago when those cute little Olsen twins were approaching their 18th birthdays? All the little teenyboppers were hoping just hoping that Olsen adulthood would mean a Playboy centerfold…. It hasn‘t happened, and for the record I don‘t think the handlers who have skillfully managed The Olsens really presented them as “sexy“ teens. I always thought of them as the little cutie pie on “Full House”.

After seeing how April has exploited her daughters, some might be waiting to see if the Nazi twins (who have NOTHING in common with the sweet Olsen twins other than being twins themselves) will go the porn route when its legally allowable… Here’s my prediction…..NEVER!… those twins will have so many stretch marks from the children they will give birth to in their teen years, that the best airbrushers won’t be able to clean them up.

And as for people who want to rescue these sweet innocent children from this mother before things get to the point of no return……. It looks like the damage is done. It‘s amazing in this country, you need to pass a test to get a driver‘s license, but sadly you don‘t need to pass a test to be a parent.


Dangerspouse said...

Ok, as much as I agree with you in my gut about this whole schpiel, as a card carrying member of the ACLU I am obligated to say: would you REALLY want a test administered by the State? That would mean the enforcement of a National Standard, and THAT smacks of eugenics. Or Nazi-ism.

But I still love you.

Nate said...

Thanks for the love danger!

I don't know what the American Civil Liberals Union has to say on this topic, but something should be done to make sure a person is competent before they bring children into the world.

Thanks to April, her two daughers have been subjected to so much anger and hatred towards them. Girls of that age should be playing hopscotch or shopping at the mall and not have to worry about being cursed at because their mom and her neo nazi buddies have put them right in the middle of the spotlight.

If she became pregnant again (God forbid) should the authorities step in at some point? It's not like they'd be too much better off growing up with grampa and his swasticka'd horses.

Craig said...

I don't know about testing parents, because dysfunctional kids can still manage to come from completely normal families, and vice versa. (Anyone know how Hitler was raised? I think his art teacher definitely had a duty to have a psychiatrist examine his early paintings...) But in light of the blogged scenario, the ACLU can kish mein tukchas. In proper defense of our nation's freedoms, April and her ilk should be promptly arrested and zealously charged with breeding terrorism, under the broad-painted Patriot Act. And the twins should be sequestered in a chabad house to receive large doses of rehabilitative therapy for the next eighteen years.

Nate said...

You make some good points Craig, but I don't know that a Chabad house is neccesarily the answer. I do recall a situation where a friend of mine was producing a talk show (Montel Williams?) where they did an episode where some anti semitic kids were taken to see "Schindler's List" and then they had a panel discussion afterwards. This might be a better alternative for those Holocaust doubters out there.

It's also too bad that the number of survivors continues to dwindle. Having kids hear their firsthand experiences can really make an impact. We'll see if those kids have the guts to tell a survivor that the Holocaust is just a myth.

Craig said...

(We've got some software problems here at work, so I seem to have an unusual amount of time to comment on your blogging!)

Anyway, notwithstanding this despicable story, at least there's been some more positive international news coverage lately.

- For example, I'd normally expect to see anti-Semitic rubbish in a British rag like "The Sun", but that paper actually referred to the twins' music as "sickening", and described the swastika as a "sick symbol" (to follow your lead Nate, I'll not post the article's link here, to avoid any undue publicity for the band). At this rate, Prince Harry should think twice about donning his SS-officer's costume at the 2006 Buckingham Palace Halloween gala.

- Also notable that Alexandra Rosenfeld was recently crowned Miss France 2006 ( least the French continue to make some progress in their anti-Jewish sentiments.

- And it's refreshing to see courts and law enforcement cracking down on the spread of racial hatred and anti-Jewish propoganda: (two German women arrested for giving a Hitler salute and singing a neo-Nazi song to foreign tourists on their way to Germany's Sachsenhausen concentration camp museum); (an Alberta jury convicted a man of promoting hatred through a Web site that denied the Holocaust and blamed Jews for Ebola, AIDS, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the Columbia space shuttle disaster).

Okay.... software is back in action. Have a fabulous weekend!