Friday, January 11, 2008

Pumpstradamus Predictions for 2008 - A Multimedia Extravaganza!

Happy New Year everybody!!

Well here we go with Year Number 4 of this blog which started in late 2005... and as usual we begin with the traditional Pumpstradamus Predictions! This year we are presenting a VIDEO podcast.... yep its better than the old fashioned audio interviews we had done in years past. Also on the V-Cast is a spoof of The House Video that I posted here in a prior column. Just in case you didn't see it or don't remember it, I will repost it this week so you can fully enjoy the parody.

Pumpy has been on the blog on a weekly basis since September with his NFL picks which despite a strong start stumbled badly down the stretch going 0-5 to finish at 10-7.... (The Unbiased Giants fan also finished 3 over .500 at 26-23-2.) One of Pumpys planned predictions was the death of Bhutto which actually happened at the tail end of 2007. Parade Magazine had actually interviewed her, but the magazine is published far in advance so there was nothing they could do short of yanking it out of the Sunday paper when she was assassinated after the magazine went to press. Then again if you saw the column back in August about our summer trip there was the August glossy magazine hyping an upcoming stand up appearance by Richard Jeni who had actually died in March!

And you can't take Pakistan too lightly... .Dont forget they have nukes and it borders Afghanistan where that slimeball Osama bin Laden has been hiding out for the last several years. The odd thing about the Afghan trained terrorists is the USA helped them during the war against Russia in the early 80s... Maybe the Russians weren't such bad guys after all... and maybe that infamous Reagan -"Gorbachev tear down that wall" wasn't as heroic as those crazy Reagan fans claim it was.

The cool thing about this article was it doesnt gloss over the facts regarding Ms. Bhutto as many seem to have done since her death last month. The writer Gail Sheehy points out to her that prior to being exiled, Bhutto snagged 1.5 Billion dollars for herself that had actually been set aside for the UN Oil for Food Program. Nobody was really paying much attention to her anyway, until she hired a bigshot PR guy who reinvented her as a Musharaf basher. Bhutto made a deal with Musharaf to drop charges against her and in exchange she wouldnt come back to Pakistan until after the January elections, at which point she reneged and promptly returned and announced her plans to run for office.

It seems that between Musharaf and Bhutto, she might have been popular because she was the lesser of two unlikeable evils... sort of like taking sides in the battles between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell!!

And now without further ado.... here is the Pumpstradamus Video which includes a parody of the Original House Video which I will post underneath...

Incidentally, as you can see that is the same Champps shirt that I wore in the original from 1997.. but after 11 years of washing it, it has shrunk just a bit. Also the same as the original... The Dining Room Set... The Lamp... and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue! Here is the original House Video...

Next Week: The Octopussy Review!

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Steve said...

What a waste, pumpie didn't even predict anything. If I wanted to sit and watch Nate and pumpie's idle chatter about nothing, i could have just hosted a shabbas dinner party... Jeez... so disappointing!