Thursday, November 29, 2007

Peace In The Middle East? Wouldn't That Be Dyno-Mite?

One of the interesting things I find about being exposed to Republicans is how they are so eager to force their right wing conservative living lifestyle on other people without even taking the time to comprehend what kind of life these people really lead. Mitt Romney told us with a straight face during the CNN You Tube debate that 2 parent households will solve black on black crime! The other day in a conversation about the shooting at that drug den in Roselle, a Republican implied that his limited exposure to the poor black community is watching Good Times on TV Land. The thing that always struck me odd about that show was the studio audience would sit there in such eager anticipation just waiting to hear Jimmie Walker yell out Dyn-o-mite! We were so wild and crazy back in the 70s, weren't we?

That's why today I want to talk about Israel.

This week in Annapolis MD they have had their little peace treaty talks, and as a right winger I really have a hard time feeling sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians.... almost like the Republicans look at issues that affect the poor. Nonetheless, I always get turned off by the liberal Jews (not DAS though.. he claims to be a liberal, but despite what he says... he really isn't!). In 2002, shortly after the last summit where Arafat was chased down a parking lot by a high heeled Madeline Albright after he yet again totally sold the Palestinians down the river, a liberal was meowing to me about how rough it is for the Palestinians.. and I pointed out that Arafat ruined it for them because they were starting to get more economic power and were building casinos and becoming entrepeneurs yet their own people screwed them over.. He kept going on and on and on, and frankly his Jewish guilt bored me and I started daydreaming about Janet Jackson and how she came a long way since she played Penny on Good Times. I could never understand why these self hating Jews have so much compassion for people who elected Ismail Haniyeh the Hamas leader whose exact quote about Annapolis was that his people "will reject any concessions to The Zionist enemy". Now that's a great soundbite during peace talks.

Keep in mind that in 1948 after Israel took over from British rule, all these arabs got little text messages on their cell phones to vacate the premises because of an imminent attack. Then when Israel successfully defended themselves against the attack, all the Arabs wanted to come home. Not necessarily because they wanted to live in Israel, but because they can get a better lifestyle living there than they would get living anywhere else in the Middle East. Just check out the Palestinian elections.. they live in poverty while these Arafat clones show off how rich they are. A government run by a comatose Ariel Sharon would give these people a better lifestyle than they get right now. But when they plot against the government and commit treason... then you have a major problem; yet the liberals feel that Israel should do more.

One troubling aspect of this is the notion of freeing Palestinian terrorists who are in Prison. This has created an odd reaction among some right wingers who have compared the value of the lives of those prisoners' victims to Former Prime Minister Rabin with the call that if those prisoners should be freed... Rabin assassin Yigal Amir should be freed too. As much as I couldnt stand Rabin, there was no reason to kill the guy, and freeing Amir would send a very dangerous lesson to other nutjobs.

And one other thing, after Rabin was assassinated, they held a memorial service for him at Madison Square Garden. At that service Shimon Peres issued a very troubling quote triggering a "Watcha talking about Willis" moment just like when Arnold caught Willis in the middle of doing it with his girlfriend Charlene who was played by Janet Jackson. The quote was "There is an old saying To the Victor Go the Spoils.. but in Israel we give back the Spoils". My question is why and why is that not good enough for those wacky liberals? A peace treaty would be nice.. other Israel neighbors have signed them because they know they can't defeat the Israeli military so if you can't beat 'em.... why not get a good photo op?

Another guy I can't stand is Al Sharpton. And don't get my last week comments wrong, I feel bad for that teenage kid who was shot in that Roselle drug den recently. I also think that the cops that patrol there are heroes... and I am willing to give his mom's emotionally charged anti Roselle cop comments carte blanche since it must be excruciating to see her kid in a hospital injured from a gunshot wound. But what bothers me is The Sharptons who twist her raw emotions and start marching through Roselle trying to get a hero cop fired. And let's see these cop protestors walk a mile in a cop's shoes putting their lives on the line every day they go to work. The cop's Chief witnessed the incident and said the shooting was accidental... so whose word are we going to take? The cops or a kid caught red handed in a place he shouldn't have been. And I don't doubt his mom who says he has never done drugs.. that is likely to be true... but every drug consumer always has his first time. And it is the hero cops who patrol there on a daily basis who try to keep these kids from breaking their proverbial drug cherry.

Whatever the case may be, the Good Times Guy and his fellow Republicans are probably more upset that Janet Jackson flashed a nipple at the Super Bowl to fully realize how bad the drug trade affects crime against minorities in our cities. I lived in Roselle for 30 years and that neighborhood where the shooting happened has gone down the tubes over the years. If it wasn't for hero cops who fight the drug dealers, the place would be even worse. But instead of making the cops the bad guys, The Sharpton crew should focus on the drug dealers who are the real villians here, dangling promises of fast cars and fancy bling in front of young poor black kids. Every time Sharpton marches against Hero cops... he scores more points for the drug dealers.

By the way, as much as I hate him.. .like Rabin he doesn't deserve to be physically harmed, but unfortunately there are too many wackos out there causing Sharpton to travel with a strong security entourage. Why doesn't Sharpton just stay home........ .. and send his security detail to Roselle so they can patrol the drug dens instead?


Last week our friend Barry who is a fan of all things Boston laughed at Pumpie's picking against the Patriots. They didn't cover, so Pumpie's record improved to 10-2. This week, in honor of the Broadway strike coming to an end... its the New York Giants-Chicago Bears game for The Wise One. The Giants are 1 1/2 point faves. Sayeth The Pump: "I just saw the story in Sudan about the nutjobs who want to behead the teacher who allowed her students to name a Teddy Bear Mohammed. Therefore to show my support for the teacher AND the bear.... I pick the Bears!"

UNBIASED GIANTS FAN PICKS OF THE WEEK: We went 1-2 last week after the Giants let us down and we dared to pick against Pumpstradamus to get back to .500 at 17-17-2.

Giants 1 1/2 faves over THE BEARS - Wow... that's disrespecting the Bears... and it's time for The Giants to seperate themsevles from the pack. This could be a huge step to securing a Wild Card if the Giants can pull it off.

Bills 5 1/2 doggies over WASHINGTON - Continuing our trend of picking road teams... this is a tough pick since the Redskins have been through a very difficult week. But that is a pretty big spread and the AFC teams are pretty good.

MINNESOTA 3 1/2 faves over Detroit - A Detroit loss combined with a Giant win would give The Giants a 2 game lead over the other Wild Card teams with 4 weeks to go.

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alberich said...

I could write a long comment in response to your post here (as you no doubt know) about how both the Palestinians and even the most right-wing of Zionists are actually being quite "reasonable" and that the whole problem with the peace process is that each side is justified in viewing their mere presence at the table as a huge compromise. So what we need to solve the conflict is empathy, not reason -- that and more water (which is the real, often unacknowledged, sticking point)

E.g. how would you feel if a group of followers of the Leni Lenape faith decided to reclaim NJ? Would you take a position any different than that of the Palestinians? OTOH, given how refugee situations, etc., are handled historically, it's a gross double standard that Israel's even being asked to give back the territory it gained in 1967 -- and that by all rights, the Palestinians should be absorbed by their fellow Arabs and greater Israel should be set aside as a Jewish state. So for Israel to even allow territory for a Palestinian state is an amazing and unprecidented compromise (although one we Jews, as a light unto the nations, ought to make).

I could go on, but this is what struck me:

I pointed out that Arafat ruined it for them [...] their own people screwed them over [...] why these self hating Jews have so much compassion for people who elected Ismail Haniyeh the Hamas leader whose exact quote about Annapolis was that his people "will reject any concessions to The Zionist enemy".

I agree with your general point (maybe because you complimented me ;) ), but perchance the reason why those people elected Ismail Haniyah has nothing to do with his anti-Zionism but because they are fed up with being screwed over by the likes of Arafat?