Friday, September 08, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Hey folks.. today we start a new feature here at NWOW… weekly NFL picks.. I am not turning this into an NFL blog.. but each Friday, part of the column will show off our amazing skills and talent when it comes to my uncanny knack for making pro picks. Last year just for fun I would make the picks along with the so called “experts” in the Friday paper and through some sort of bizarre luck, my win loss record at the end of the season was an astounding 50 games over .500. Basically, IF I had wagered 100 bucks on every game. I would have ended the season with 5000 smackers. This year we are going to put them in the blog based on the point spreads in the Friday Star Ledger… If I end up going away near the end of the season, we’ll use a different paper... hopefully one from a warm weather state!

Even though the NFL has become the National Pastime, I am not one of these football mavens who devours every single off-season magazine. I also don’t profess to be an expert, and I don’t have a fantasy NFL team. As a matter of fact, I go into the season fresh knowing virtually bubkus about the ‘06 teams. Who has time with baseball, The US Open, my new pod cast and everything else going on in August?

So far I have followed some stuff about the Giants.. my favorite team... a little bit about the Jets, and even less about the other teams.. as you can tell from my Thursday night pick of the Dolphins. I do know the most important stuff.. Fox and CBS retain the NFC and AFC... James Brown hosts the CBS Pregame and Greg Gumbel becomes a game announcer and Joe Buck will host the Pregame AND announce the game. The Sunday Night Game is now on NBC with Al Michaels and John Madden, and ESPN now has Monday Night Games, which will apparentally include a West Coast Doubleheader that won't end until about 2am Eastern Time. ABC and ESPN are "branding" their products together which makes me wonder if they might stick some of the games on ABC since it would reach a wider audience.. especially if MNF on ESPN beats out whatever silly shows end up in the 9pm Monday slot. Gosh how I miss TV Guide and the Fall Preview!! I don't even know yet what The Family Guy's new time slot is going to be!

Two things to keep in mind.. This week we will also feature the weekly pick of the Amazing Pumpstradamus.,…. And most importantly, if you are going to wager some shekels on these games, and you win.. why don’t we think about throwing a percent of the winnings towards a charitable organization? My recommendation for this year: The Highland Park Conservative Temple Restoration Fund. (That’s my synagogue which was badly damaged in a horrible fire 2 wks ago: See Diary of a Crummy Day in the archives for more details)

Here go the Picks... The team MENTIONED FIRST is the pick..

Giants 3 1/2 doggies hosting the Colts. - I know about the rule about Home Dogs on Monday Nights.. but does that apply to Sunday Night? Is there an Al Michaels carryover?

Titans 2 1/2 faves hosting the Jets - The Jets may take some time to Mangini-ize.

Broncos 3 1/2 faves at the Rams

Bills 9 1/2 doggies at Patriots - I'm not a big fan of double digit spreads in the early part of the season. The Pats will win but not cover.

Bucs 3 faves hosting the Ravens

Chiefs 2 1/2 faves hosting the Bengals - That's a tough pick especailly since the Bengals are so much better and the Cincy fans have nothing much else to root for now that the Reds have fizzled.

Seahawks 6 faves at Detroit

Panthers 5 faves hosting Atlanta

Saints 3 doggies at the Browns - I'm still rooting for the Saints this season.. and the Hornets too!

Jaguars 2 faves hosting the Cowboys - I do not like the Cowboys!

Packers 3 1/2 doggies hosting the Bears - Is Brett Favre the Mike Piazza of the NFL? He ain't what he used to.. but we still root for him.

Arizona 7 1/2 faves hosting the 49ers - The Cardinals a pick with that many points? Only because its the 49ers.

Eagles 5 faves at Texans -

Redskins 3 faves hosting the Vikings - First game of the Monday Night ESPN twinbill. Will we watch Kornheiser or listen to the Radio? Is Marv Albert doing the radio games on Monday Night again?

Raiders 3 doggies over the Chargers - ESPN Shmee-SPN... Home Doggies on Monday Night Rules are in effect!

PUMPSTRADAMUS Pick of the Week: The Jets (2 1/2 point doggies): This is a salute to Walter who is a big fan, and the original Pump who inspired Pumpstradamus to assume an identity with the word Pump in it. Just in case you didnt hear this on a prior podcast, Walter owns Nagel’s Bagels.. which prompted me to inform him that it’s a good thing his name isn’t Shmenis Pump. Therefore in his honor.. Pumpstradamus picks the Jets!

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Pumpstradamus said...

Good pick, eh? I never would have thought I'd be rooting for the Jets outside of a "West Side Story" performance!