Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Grand Premiere!

Ok…. It was just going to be a matter of time.. But the question is…. What is the topic gonna be?? Hmmmm… I have decided that I am going to launch a blog about something people would least expect me to write about….

I could write about the importance of raising children to respect their uncles, aunts and cousins, but since my wife and I are both only children, our future (6 or 7?) children wont have any. I could also address the growing issue of is “The Family Guy” funnier than “Seinfeld”? But for now I am going to leave that one alone.

I also want my blog to utilize photo and video with html links. Right now my piece of garbage digital camera is not working correctly,…. The drivers don’t seem to work on either of my computers so I cant add any new photos for now…. (Nessim actually has the same camera now, so maybe he might have some ideas how to make the thing work.) Obviously this will be a work in progress, so bear with me for now as I try to figure out how to make it enjoyable…

Ready for the topic??


Huh? Nate hates science fiction! Yup, unless it involves time travel I am just so not into s.f. And… I have never seen a single Star Wars movie… that is up to now. I am launching this new adventure…. to watch each movie in chronological order, which should offer a unique perspective since I know squat about any of the SW movies.. I know about r2d2 Luke Skywalker and that’s about it… And although I tend to finish what I started…. I just might not have the patience to sit through all six movies! Then, the blog might evolve into something else,… like Family Guy vs. Seinfeld; or The Mets, or any other particular thing that captures my fancy. And… feel free to respond with any comments you may have. But for now I will write a blog about something I have never had any interest in… Star Wars.

May the force be with me!


Anonymous said...

You're kidding - Mr. Media has not seen one of the most sucessful movies of all time?!



And to think for all these years I thought I was the culturally illiterate one!

Ah, if only your mom was here to see this day....

Hey Natey, you feature prominantly in a story I wrote recently. And something like 1500 people have read it so far. Which means that 1500 more people now laugh at you before! If you wanna be part of the In Crowd who laughs at you, go to:

Nate said...

Actually that is a true story about a radio contest back in '93 or '94 to guess our names. I actually have the tape and if I can upload it from a tape deck I'll post some of the calls we took of people giving wrong answers!