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Gosh what a week to be a Democrat.. especially in NJ. Barrack clinched the division title while Hillary appeared at Baruch College and added an atta adonay to pray that she can somehow not give up her race for the Democratic ticket. Our former Governor Jim McGreevey is telling a divorce lawyer that he has not been able to manage his finances well enough to pay the amount of child support that his ex wife is asking for. Remember McGreevey was a governor whose job was to figure out how to balance a STATE budget!! And then we have good ol' Frank Lautenberg celebrating victory today after surviving a dirty primary race against Rob Andrews. Even if Andrews is right and Lautenberg is too old to finish out his term, I am sure somebody else not named Rob The Backstabber Andrews will be chosen to finish the term if necessary. Kind of odd that Andrews gambles on his youth... for all we know Lautenberg could very well outlive him.

Anyway, I must admit that I am quite excited! With the zeal of a teenybopper texting in votes for David on American Idol.... I have discovered a terrific new musical artist and a great new song about our former NJ budget balancing Governor!

It's equal to the excitement I felt this past Sunday at the Israel Day Parade when I ran into some old friends who I had not seen since I married Trophy Wife! We even jumped into the parade at one point and joined some marchers just so we could hook up with some friends who were standing across the street. It was also fun heckling those phony Neturei Kartas... a bunch of hasidic impersonators who have some bizarre notions about everything pertaining to Israel. Nobody really takes them seriously and I think the cops actually tossed them out of the parade.

Almost one year ago, The Ballad of Melanie McGuire was released right here on NWOW, a song about the NJ Suitcase Killer that was to the tune of The Mamas and Papas classic song "Creeque Alley". A year later the video still gets comments on my You Tube channel from goofballs who insist she was framed and is 100% innocent. When nutjobs come out of the woodwork claiming that she was framed, I ask one simple question - How do you explain the fact that EZ Pass puts her right near the scene of where poor Mr. McGuire's body was dumped more than a hundred miles from her home. When that callous murdering wench got her EZ Pass statement, she freaked out to see that EZ Pass caught her red handed near where the body was dumped, so she arrogantly called them to complain that the charges were erroneous and they should be removed.

Now, a year later, more loonie kazoonies continue to profess Melanie's innocence. And when I simply ask them Was EZ in on the frame job too... this is the type of response I get from the Melanie supporting morons:

Well, I do think she tried to erase evidence that made her look guilty. She was being investigated.

So she drove the same roads as the people who dumped the body. So what??

We all drive the same roads.

Eventually I guess all these morons will go back into the woodwork.

Shortly after the song was released, I was trolling around late one night on the internet... somewhere after my avatar phase and before my Facebook phase... when I discovered a gentleman named McG... not pronounced McG like McDonalds... but McG (emcee gee) like MC Hammer. And we had a very interesting connection.... as I was putting out a song to a Mamas and Papas tune about this poor fella Jim McGuire... he was putting out a song about another Jim McG - Jim McGreevey! And McG was doing his masterpiece to not one but two Mamas and Papas songs... a medley of California Dreamin' and Monday Monday..

I was very honored when McG asked me to help launch the new song right here on NWOW. We are embedding the song on an audio player here, but my unreliable hosting site Media Max has moved all its files to another site called The Linkup. I hope Linkup is more reliable than Media Max because frankly Media Max was a disaster. Last month they sent me an email telling me my files (all the audio and some video that has appeared here over the last 2 1/2 years) would be moved to Linkup by June 1st, yet that has not been the case. Media Max also sent a link to a program called the "manual uploader" which would allow clients to manually move the files from Media Max to Linkup.. but of course when you click that service - it is a dead link. Of course they continue to charge me every month, although I really don't know exactly what I am paying for. Hopefully, the song will appear here for your listening pleasure. It took me until past 230 this morning to figure out the html coding. At least I had a great Pedro return to keep me entertained.

McG and I have had some interesting chats about McGreevey over the last several months. As we have heard during his divorce trial. he and his partner have some kind of bizarre mixing of their finances going on where McGreevey is saying that he cannot afford to pay the amount of child support being sought by his wife. Yet, McGreevey feels its ok to not work full time but to use that time to attend school to be an Episcople Minister... If anybody else owes child support.. they are forced to work all day and go to school at night. And not to sound like Dr. Laura, but if the kid needs more money, you quit school and take a night job too. I can't understand how McGreevey has the guts to tell this judge that he can't afford the money that his kid needs.

McGreevey stepped down as Governor back in 2004 claiming he was the victim of a shakedown by Golan Cipel with whom he claimed he had been having a homosexual affair. On the surface, you could say.... good for Jim McGreevey for coming out in public that he is gay. If Senator Craig would do likewise, he probably wouldn't be mocked as much as he has been since his toe tapping mens room stall episode. But Craig continues to profess his straightness, even though the media in his state has been writing about his allegedly homosexuality for years.

But did the married McGreevey really step down just because he was gay? A lot of us think that Mcgreevey had a lot of other troubles and used his homosexualty to cover up other growing problems in his administration. Cipel said he was straight as an arrow and had been sexually harrassed by McGreevey. Usually in one of those one word against the other deals, you really do not know how to believe. However, Cipel hired a lawyer named Alan Lowy who I happened to know back then... (although I have not spoken to Alan since all this happened) Lowy is a very staightforward honest lawyer who is neither sneaky nor sleazy like a lot of other lawyers we see in day to day life. The concept that Lowy would try to shake down the governor is just downright preposterous, and he is also not the type of guy who would take on a cause if he tought the story was shaky. This is one major reason why I believe Cipel and not McGreevey.

If we turn the clock back to 2004... we will recall that it was a time when Oceanic flights were not crashing into wacky time traveling islands.... Sawyer was a con man,.... Jack was mourning his dad's death... Locke was wheelchair bound, and Kate was a handcuffed murderess.... and I was planning my wedding! By the way, speaking of Sawyer.. I dont know where that island was moved to... but I think its more a question of "when" it was moved to..... But where the island was before... was a time when Sawyer was living. There is no way he could land in the water after that helicopter jump, manage to swim to shore and still have enough strength to flirt with Juliet... who I think is THE best looking woman on that show! I think the Time Loop theory people are right... the island heals because it takes you back to a time that predates the ailments that either injured you.... or killed you!

Anyway getting back to that fateful summer... McGreevey was facing a lot of problems at that time. And many truly believe that this whole "Im a Gay American" speech was a red herring for the real truth. In one of the best lines in the song, McG evokes memories of the infamous Machiavelli episode where Machiavelli was the code word involving an FBI sting that tied McGreevey directly to a shakedown involving Mark Halper who was being forced to pay money to help save his Piscataway, NJ farm farm from corrupt politicians who ended up taking it away using that sleazy eminent domain. Mark Halper went to the FBI and said he was being shaken down and told them that McGreevey was involved in this.... and that at an upcoming meeting... the code word from McGreevey was going to be "Machiavelli".... sort of like Tippytoe in the infamous Seinfeld episode where George has to steal a woman's answering machine tape. The FBI wired Halper for sound... and McGreevey dropped that fateful M word. Here is the classic line from McG's Jersey Dreamin' - (sung to the line of "Oh Monday Morning.... you gave me no warning of what was to be" line from Monday Monday,....)

Oh Jim McGreevey you gave me no warning of what was to be
That you’d see Mark Halper and say Machiavelli

Every other word … every other word….
Every other word… is fine yeah…
But when Halper came (repeat)
You denied machiavelli had to do with crime

One last liner note before you hear the song.... and this is part of the reason why its not being put out as an mp3 just yet... Its about context. McG has said many times that the song is NOT poking fun at McGreevey's homosexuality.... indeed it was gutsy of him to come out in such a public forum.. Instead, McG says it is McGreevey's resigning due to being gay.. when actually the gayness was not the real reason he was stepping down. In reality, McG says he would have preferred to have every gay reference in the song followed up with the Seinfeld-esque "not that theres anything wrong with it". But its hard to find rhymes for "not that there's anything wrong with it".

And now Ladies and Gentlemen... McG and Jersey Dreamin!

CLASSIC CLIP OF THE WEEK (from January 2007)

Dick Martin died last week, the same week that Password came back. Here in honor of Dick and Password is an old Tom Kennedy episode where Dick tries to pull a fast one with one of his clues. Kennedy has to try to explain what happens but can't keep a straight face as they keep trying to restart the taping. Also quite amusing is the poor woman who doesn’t know the word that Betty White gives as a clue!

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