Thursday, December 07, 2006

Who's Sane for Person of the Year?

Its that time of the year again.. The big Time Life empire starts to give out their end of the year awards through its magazines, so let the speculation begin. Entertainment Weekly has its Entertainer of the Year.. maybe the cast of Heroes? Or how about Jerry Bruckheimer.. of the time travel flick "Deja Vu" who is singlehadedly putting CBS at the top of the Nielsen ratings? Or Dakota Fanning? Is she a real person or did they invent a time machine in the early 90s and she's really little Christina Ricci traveling here from the past?

I was also about to write a column questioning who would get the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Award when I heard that they had already issued it to Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat. That kind of surprised me - I had a few other people in mind including Tony LaRussa or Albert Pujols of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, or possibly LaDamian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers who is making everyone who owns him in fantasy football truly happy. Up until this weekend, I would have also made an argument for Rutgers coach Greg Schiano who was thisclose to getting onetime laughingstock Rutgers into a BCS Bowl - but the triple overtime loss last weekend kinda knocked him out of contention for that award. Nonetheless, Wade seems to be a rather surprising choice - Mad Dog Russo on WFAN speculated the other day that they would have given it to tennis player Roger Federer but he was out of the country and couldn’t make it to the award ceremony.

And who would I give the Time Magazine Person of the Year Award to if I had a vote? Well its definitely somebody who wont be in the country to receive the award!

Last year I posthumously picked Teri Schiavo because her feeding tube turned into a gigantic political hot potato. This year I would pick someone else who made an impact.

One of my favorite movies this time of year is “It’s a Wonderful Life” where the angel Clarence takes our hero on a tour of how life would have been had he never been born. Clarence could have taken the person who invented panties, but he would see he had no impact on Britney Spears. But if there was one person who really made an impact on 2006.. How about the person whose presence was a major issue in this years midterm elections that swung Congressional control from the Republicans back to the Democrats? Plus his trial was quite interesting for those of you like DAS who actually listen to NPR….

Therefore I would pick,….

Saddam Hussein! Just imagine how different life would have been this year if he wasn’t around. His trial was pretty captivating.. Hes gonna get hung sometime next year - hopefully that event will get into more homes than the NFL Network. And this whole disaster in Iraq which was the defining issue in this year’s election never would have been going on if he didn't create the mess there in the first place? Did anyone else really make as much of an impact this year?

Now on to the picks where we are 81-105-6 a pathetic 24 games under .500.... which reminds me.. 24 is back next month. Woo Hoo. Pumpstradamus has clinched at least .500 at 8-4-1.

This week for the hideous football picks we are doing something different.,… We are taking all the road teams on Sunday except for the Chargers! Maybe that might change our luck..

Giants 3 point road doggies at Carolina – I haven’t given up on ‘em yet! But one more loss and I think it’s hockey time.

Bills 4 point road doggies at The Jets – Have you noticed that every year the Bills or Dolphins always seem to have a late season hot streak? Sorry Jets fans especially after last wks losses by the Wild Card contenders out west.

Ravens 3 point road doggies over KC – This one I’m not too sure about, but the Chiefs have not been playing that well lately.

Atlanta 3 point road doggies over Tampa Bay– Any day now the Bucs will get Chris Simms signed to a long term deal so the Tampa fans have something to look forward to in the future!

Vikings 2 point road doggies over Detroit – Another yawner…. Only the fantasy footballers will watch on the dish.

Titans pick em at Houston – Notice how I raved last week about the Titans covering the spread and then picked the Colts – that’s called a Nate boo boo…

Colts pick em at Jacksonville – This week I don’t have to worry about the Colts covering!

Saints 7 ½ road doggies at Dallas – They barely escaped the Meadowlands last week.. I don’t think they can cover by a TD over the Saints.

Eagles 1 road faves over Washington – Great win on Monday Night! I wouldn’t want to be in Snyder’s luxury box at 4pm on Sunday afternoon….

Raiders 11 ½ road doggies over Cincy – If there is one thing I have done right this season, it’s taking the Raiders to cover the big spreads! This is the Gus Johnson game by the way – The Post says he and Clyde Frazier had a little off the air tiff last week during a Knick game.

New England 3 ½ point road faves over Miami – Keep in mind a Patriot loss combined with a Jet win… See Pumpstrasamus below…

Packers 4 road doggies at San Francisco – I have now left the 49er bandwagon although NFC teams at 6-7 after this week will still be contenders… The lucky announcers assigned to this one are Matt Vasgersian, JC Pearson, Tim Ryan, and Laura Okmin. Laura Okmin?

Seahawks 3 ½ road faves over Arizona – Well at least the weather will be nice.

And the lone home team pick for Sunday – San Diego 7 ½ home faves over Denver – My impression of a Fan at the Jet Game Sunday – J-E-T- hey look the Chargers scored again!

Rams 6 ½ doggies over the Bears – Home doggies on Monday Night… And speaking of Monday Night.. what do I watch at 9pm Mondays in January since Heroes and 24 will be on against each other? Do I watch 24 and tape heroes? Or do I watch Heroes on the next day:? After all you need some time to decompress after these shows… Oy what a dilemma.

PUMPSTRADAMUS PICK OF THE WEEK: This week we go to Miami where Rutgers Coach Greg Schiano spurned the University of Miami and Donna Shalala and decided to stay at Rutgers. Sayeth the Pump: “Gotta go with Miami - they have my favorite store AND Dwayne Wade who I predicted would win the SI Sportsman of the Year award even though I never heard of him” Note from Nate: Miami Pump is actually in Fort Lauderdale! (On Power Line Road if you don't believe me)

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