Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pump and Circumstance

Hey folks.. was Thursday night filled with tough entertainment choices... or what? You had Survivor on CBS, American Idol on FOX, The Olympic Skating on NBC, Dancing with the Stars on ABC and another podcast on the Nate's World of Words Blog. Choices, Choices, Choices.

And not only do we have Dancing with the Stars.. there is this copycat Skating with Celebrities.. and Coming Soon... live from your local Mexican restaurant... "Farting with Famous People"

Today we present Part II of our chat with Walter Nagel where we reveal his nickname and how he got it. We also have a brief follow up to last weeks Game Show blog with a look at the Best Game Show Theme Songs. You can hear it right here on the embedded player by clicking play, or on your computer's media player by clicking the headline.

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4. Click on the edit it link (edit to show content), to allow for headline and short summary. Now a little button will automatically show up on your "my yahoo" page next to the summary that you can click to play audio and video files.

You can then put it in your mp3 player and listen to it anytime you want!
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Walter Nagel chats about his store, his nickname, and The Mets!

Thu, 23 Feb 2006 19:00:00 GMT


Pumping Gas said...

"Farting with Famous People"..... would it be a game show? Someone like Howard Stern would definitely be a winner.... he's one of the proudest public farters of our time. Jim Carrey, too, and George Carlin would do well, as would other raunchy comedians (alas, many are no longer with us, like the late Richard Pryor, Buddy Hackett or Alan King, all of whom used a lot of flatulence humor in their routines). But what about older, more distinguished people who pretend they don't fart, like a John Forsythe, for instance? Or rich people, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett? Or anyone who's been knighted by the Queen, like Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Judi Densch? Or politicians, and world leaders? Donald Rumsfeld and Kofi Annan would make interesting farters. Alan Greenspan, too. But probably not the Pope. What about dead people? I suspect Orson Welles and John Wayne would have been fantastic farters, but I have my doubts about Fred Astaire and J. Edgar Hoover. The list goes on....

Craig said...

Be it duly noted, it is with deep reverence, dignity and humility that I defer to The Original, First-And-Formost, Daddy-Of-All-Shmenispumps. Go Abba! ;)

Nate said...

Abba rules!!